#AuthorInterview: Kola by Kiru Taye (Contemporary Romance)

Friday, July 17, 2015

This post is late, my apologies to Love, Bites & Silks and to Kiru Taye. No excuse, I simply forgot...sorry! Please welcome Kiru Taye back to our blog. You've seen her books reviewed here plenty of times and I enjoyed them all, today I got a chance to ask Ms. Kiru a couple of questions about her newest book Kola.

Hi Kiru! And thank you so much for talking  to us here at Brazen Babe  Reviews :). Okay, first can you tell us something about Kola that isn't in the blurb?

Kola was an orphaned boy in a street gang before he was adopted by Chief Essien. He's been in love with Tari, his pseudo-cousin since she was a teenager.

Intriguing! Kola gets his own story, I loved this because he was such stand out character in the Essien Brothers trilogy. Was he always going to get his own story?

Yes! The truth is I started writing Kola's story after I wrote the first draft of Felix's story, even before I wrote Mark's or Tony's stories. Kola has always been a vivid character living in my head and his story needed to be told.

What can we expect from Kola and his love interest?

'Chaos to order' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Tari and Kola together. The two of them set off all kinds of fireworks in the bedroom and out of it.

Oh! I love a lil chaos, lols. After Kola, can we expect more stories to come out of the Essien world?

I love how much the readers love the Essiens and I've been asked to write a story for Freddie and even for the parents. There's definitely a story for Freddie in the pipeline and we may well see more Essien stories. Let's hope my muse agrees.

A majority of your stories are set in Africa, which I totally love btw. Will we ever see a Kiru story where the characters are say set in the states?

It's a possibility. I love New York so much I'm sure I'll write a story set there one day.

I love the fact that you write stories in different sub-genres of romances. Does this reflect your reading taste?

Yes. I love reading so many different romance sub-genres, so it reflects on my writing. Give me a good story and I'll read it. I don't mind if I'm reading about billionaires or soldiers or cowboys or knights or warriors or aliens or shifters or fallen angels. Okay, I draw the line on reptile/bug shifters and sparkly vampires. But hey, you can't love everything, right? LOL

What is a good writing day for you? and if any, a bad one?

It's a good writing day when I accomplish the goal I set out that day. I don't write every day but on a good day I could easily write 5000 words. The best days will have to be when I get feedback from readers about my book they've just read. It motivates me to write more.

As for bad days, well sometimes stuff happens that screws with my head and I have to take some time out and just chill. I read or watch movies and then I get the spark back and return to my laptop and start writing again.

Tell us something about you...anything :D?

I love to write in total silence. *smiles*

And finally, what would you like for readers to take away with them after they've read one of your books?

I'd love readers to feel two things.

One: to be totally entertained. To get that rush of excitement from reading a great book.
Two: to learn something new and positive about Africa and Africans. We are just like everyone else in the contemporary world.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, ladies.

Kiru xx

Title: Kola
Series: The Essiens, book 4
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Blurb It Up

When sassy heiress, Tari Essien, needs a place to escape the pressures of the hounding press, she turns to Kola Banks, a deeply scarred ex-soldier who's also the Essien chief of security. Kola can't offer Tari anything more than his protection. She's family for goodness sake, even if they share no blood ties.

It’s a weekend of lessons for both of them. Together they can't avoid the explosive heat that sizzles between them, nor help pushing each others' boundaries physically as well as emotionally.

But when the weekend ends and Tari's life is in danger, will Kola put his body as well as his heart in the line of fire to keep her safe?

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Kiru is the award winning author of His Treasure and bestselling author of The Essien Trilogy series. She writes sensual and passionate multicultural romance stories set mostly in Africa. When she's not writing you can find her either immersed in a good book or catching up with friends and family. She currently lives in the South of England with her very own alpha husband and three children.

Kiru Socially

I will have a review for Kola shortly, make sure you stop back by and check it out. I am expecting a very hot read! I'm all excited. In the meantime, I highly recommend you check out her work. She writes in bit of everything, so there is something for everyone with a Kiru story.

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