#SeriesReview: F.I.T Trilogy by Rebekah Weatherspoon (Contemporary Romances)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This review is going to be a bit different, well maybe not so much...lols. Im going to review/rate each book in the trilogy and then I’m going to rate it as a whole. I'll try to make each review short, but ya'll know how I get, lmbo! The trilogy also deals with different levels of BDSM….light to heavy. Each male in their story is a dominant except for the third book, where dude is a switch but we’ll get more to that in “that” review :D 
So I’ll let you know a little bit about the level in each review. All three males are part of the same BDSM club as well.

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Book 1, Fit (+Goodreads-Blurb/Shelf it):
Published: June 3, 2014

This story centers around the couple Grant and Violet, which I enjoyed immensely together. Violet is a TV producer for a cooking channel decides she wants to lose weight while the network is on hiatus. She gets a recommendation from another trainer whose VERY intense workout class she signed up for and could barely get through (because her friend was a jerk) to see Grant who co-owns his own gym with his friend Armando. He has a reputation of being a bit more gentle with his clients and this trainer thinks that is what Violet needs, hell it was exactly what she needed.

Grant decides to take Violet on as a client but he also likes her. She's funny, smart, sarcastic and he really does not mind her curves at all. The thing will be convincing Violet to mix a little workout time with play time. Also, Grant is a dominant, he is part of the kinky community. Violet is not, so when he approaches her on their initial meet up about her not just working out with him but also uhm getting a little kinky with him. Violet wants to run for the hills but Grant ain’t so bad to look at either, lols and he likes her with her curves. She’s curious, a little scared but decides to take the Grant up on his offer.

The BDSM levels here were light as Grant was more into control. Violet wasn’t a brat but she did have the tendency to have a smart mouth but for the most part, she fell into the submissive role pretty easily. With Fit, I liked the build of the relationship between these two. It moved quickly but it felt right, you know? Grant was a sweetheart but Violet’s character totally stole my heart, she had me cracking up through most of the read. It wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine in Fit and Violet did have her issues which I thought were bought on more on by her friend Faye but in the end she and Grant get through those issues and become a couple.

Book 2, Tamed (+Goodreads-Blurb/Shelf it)
Published: September 2, 2014

This story centers around couple Armando Vasquez and Nailah Shalaby. Unfortunately Tamed is my least favorite in the trilogy. Nailah is a interior designer who just found out her previous trainer was not only sleeping with her but with pretty much all his clients (just nasty…) via Facebook. She’s pissed off not only at him because she thought he would give her some type of exclusivity...really girl? But she’s also mad at her dad and brothers who basically cut the man out of her life. Her father promptly hires her another trainer, this is where Armando comes in. He is asked to train Nailah by his mentor at the BDSM club.
Honestly, I did not get the connection between these two at all. Nailah was such a bitch, a spoiled one at that. She catches a instant attitude with Armando because she thinks he knows her business about the other trainer thingy but he doesn’t. So she basically goes looking up information on him which is how she found out he was into the kinky community and attempts to throw that in his face. She was annoying as hell and rude, I wanted someone to trip her in her Louboutin heels.  And as for Armando, he was a good dude but for him to be the dominant male he was written to be, I felt he kinda let the heffa run roughshod over him. They barely communicated with each other throughout a majority of the story which led to them constantly not knowing about the other one's thoughts/feelings.  What kind of relationship is that? especially one that involves BDSM play? The man tells this chick he loves her and she acts like a total loon with all the “I’m not ready for that” but she would continue to fuck with him? yeah okay “rolls eyes”. I was done with her and really this story but I managed to finish it.

The BDSM in Tamed was medium but I really wasn’t feeling it because I just could not get into these characters. I just could not picture a man like Armando with Nailah, I couldn’t and that ruined this one for me. They are a couple but she isn’t ready to hear the word “love” yet *let’s out frustrated breath*.  Okay, lets stop this one and move on, I'm getting mad again, lols.

Book 3, Sated (+Goodreads-Blurb/Shelf it)
Published: April 28, 2015

Centers around the couple Daniel Song and Kiera Kenney. I’m going to tell ya’ll right now that Sated is my favorite story in this trilogy. Kiera works at the gym for Grant and Armando, all she wants is a man who is going to love her for not just her looks. You see Kiera is a geek and I mean a super geek. Every dude she runs into isn’t looking past her body, which is hot as hell and she’s not happy with that, she wants more. When her friends can't join her at a local sci-fi convention, Armando suggests she goes with a friend of his Daniel. Daniel isn’t into the whole cos-play thingy but his brother just so happens to one of the stars on show that Kiera just so happens to have a girl boner for.  Daniel and Kiera however do have other interests that are the same and Kiera knows that he is into the kinky scene with Armando and Grant (it’s not like they ever kept it a secret).

Daniel who is a pyrotechnics expert is attracted to Kiera. Her nerdy self is doing things to his libido that he hasn’t felt in a long time. But Kiera isn’t into the BDSM scene and he is into it heavy. You see Daniel is a switch, which means he can be dominant and submissive, he also can’t see himself without kink in his life. When he and Kiera decide to start to see each other, they both are taken aback by the feelings they start to development for one another. But can Kiera truly accept who he really is? Accept just how deep he is into the kinky community? hmmmm.

I totally loved these two together, I really did and dare I say more than Grant and Violet? yes I did. Kiera was such a refreshing character to see. She was a total nerd and beautiful. I think sometimes in romances one or the other gets downplayed so I like that Kiera was a gorgeous geek. I enjoyed her silliness throughout the story and Daniel, lawd! he was just awesome. He took his time with Keira being that she didn't know anything about BDSM. He was willing to go at her pace throughout the entire read.

The BDSM in Sated is heavy. Like I said, Daniel is a switch and he is very deep into the kinky world. There is fisting, some bondage and some other kinky going ons but it was all tastefully done. I highly enjoyed it, some things were eye opening to say the least, lols.  I also thought the BDSM is this book was better between the couple. Like I said, Daniel took his time with Kiera...I didn't get that in the other books. Another HEA, Daniel and Kiera end op being a couple. They have their rough patch as well but they overcome it.

Daniel also has a disability. He lost the bottom of his right arm in a accident, but it wasn't a huge part of the story. You just knew that he wore a prosthetic sometimes.

The entire trilogy gets 5 Brazen Babes

There is a wonderful array of diversity going on here, each couple is of different ethnicity and not just a BWWM couple, I really appreciate that. I liked that there is a salute to same sex families in the trilogy too. Armando has two dads and Keira's friend was in a same sex marriage. The stories are novella length but I didn’t feel like I was was missing anything as each story felt complete. All of the books were written well although there were some typos here and there but not enough to make me NOT want to stop reading. The BDSM levels progressed very well with each book. All of the books are also told from both characters POV's and the humor is another plus, a big plus. I recommend F.I.T and I think it's awesome that each book deals with a different couple, thank good gravy for a little difference. I don't think you necessarily have to read these in order but if you do decide to give it a try, I'd say definitely start with Sated.

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