#BookReview: Wolf's Honor by Ambrielle Kirk (Paranormal Romance)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Format: Mobi (Kindle)
Series: Caemdon Wolves #6
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat: Medium Sexual Content
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My Review

This is a novella length story so I'll try not to give to much away. Connor is a wolf shift who has never really affiliated himself with either the Caedmon or the Arnou packs. He and his human father were always the middle men, the negotiator between the human world and the wolf one. Connor who runs a top notch security firm is now needed in the most important of ways. The US government has given himself, his father and the wolf world three days to solve the murders that are going on. Wolves are being murdered in droves, their bodies being laid out where humans can find them. The government is giving them three days or else they step in.

Asked to look further into things by Devon, the Alpha of the Caedmon pack; Connor goes undercover to investigate. He finds out information but he also finds his mate. In comes Antonia Trudeau who is unwillingly caught up on Connors investigation.

A struggling college student, Antonia no longer wants anything to do with the criminal doings she and her brother use to do. But she refuses to let her brother go into this latest job by himself or with someone she doesn't trust. The job is suppose to be simple, drop off the packages and be out but that simply does not happen.

Bad things go down and now both Antonia and Connor are caught up in a situation that is way above both their heads.

I really enjoyed the story, A. Kirk really has a great way of drawing you into her stories. The most thing I loved about this one was that Connor and Antonia grew into their relationship, there was no rushing. Connor was very aware of Antonia's misgivings of her being his mate and I like that he took his time cause she was skittish, lols. Antonia's didn't think she deserved Connor or anyone like him because of her past so of course, she fought him most of the way but I'm happy that she finally came around.

The story tied up nicely although, I was a bit confused as to why Tristan the Arnou pack Alpha knew what was going on in a way and didn't really step in especially with so many wolves being killed but I'm sure the full story will come out soon enough.

I was very excited to dive back into the Caedmon world, six books in and I'm still loving this world that Ms. Kirk has created. The only thing I wished we got more of was more of Antonia's and her brothers past. They were abandoned as children and grew up in the foster care system, their parents not wanting to give any information about themselves at all. But from reading it seems there is more there...

Anyhoo's another great addition to the Caemdon world. If you like your wolfy reads, then I recommend the Caemdon pack!


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