#BookReview: Zoe by T.A. Ford (Historical Romance)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hi Beautiful People! this review will be a bit different. I mean, it will be the same but this review is also a book club review, so! what I'm going to do is link my fellow club member reviews (who are also bloggers) at the bottom of my mines. 

Source: Self Purchased
Format: Mobi (Kindle)
Published: May 2008
Series: No
Genre: Historical Romance
Heat: Medium Sexual Content
Available: Amazon | BN | ARe | +Goodreads (Blurb/Shelf it)

My Review

This story reminded me a bit of the character in the movie Belle. The daughter of a Frenchman and one of his African housekeepers, Zoe is raised in a world of privilege, she stills though suffers the stigma of being a mulatto woman. She is basically raised by her stepmother to be her younger sisters chaperon. The woman hates Zoe and her father who feels guilty because he wasn’t man enough to claim Zoe’s mother as his own pretty much leaves Zoe in the woman’s abusive hands. On a visit to one of her father’s friends, Julien La Roque where the intention is for him to offer marriage to Zoe’s younger sister Marianne; she and Julien start an affair that Zoe can’t get away from no matter how hard she try.

I felt like Zoe came off as a strong character but not so much. To me for all her *I’m never going to be any man’s whore*, she fell into Julien’s bed quite quickly. She knew exactly what he wanted from her but yet she was able to convince herself for a short while that he was different...I think not? which lands her in a predicament she can’t get out of. I felt bad for her because the people that claimed to love her the most, who should have had her back when most needed (her Father and Sister) couldn’t seem to get pass her color either. They in their own way kept reminding Zoe of “her place” in their world. I felt bad for her especially with her fat, ugly, greedy ass step-mother who was willing to sell Zoe off to the highest bidder to so she could continue to have a comfortable life.

Julien I thought was okay. He was willing to keep Zoe as his mistresses in the beginning because of *his fascination with her* and his claim of not becoming obsessed with a woman the way his father did. But he proved at times to be just like the other men who lusted after Zoe because of her  exoctiness. I really didn’t care for him until towards the end of the book after he came out of his stupidity and realized that his selfishness only pushed Zoe away not towards him.

Zoe isn’t a sweeping historical romance, but it’s still a story you can and will get caught up in. Ms. Mynx weaves a tale of a young woman of color back in a time where her lot in life was pretty much mapped out. Zoe wanted to break the mold but with her father’s cowardliness, her sister’s ignorance and her stepmother's hatred, she really didn’t stand a chance. Zoe was still strong in some ways, which she proved towards the end as well and I appreciated that she wasn't so naive about her heritage and social standing. We get a HEA and Zoe is able to exact a little revenge towards her stepmother WHICH I was internally grateful for. I recommend the read, it was a little like Cinderella and Belle all rolled up into one story.


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