Random Brazen Thoughts: Saying Hi

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hi my name is Sharonda. Hi my name is Ana.

See how easy that is? We love blogging, we love to share our love of books, movies and tv amongst other things. But we were recently talking and decided to write a post about our encounters with author's, personal assistants to authors, etc. Whoever, whatever you are. This message is for you. We’re not going to sugar coat this.

As of late, we’ve been getting more and more emails/messages pertaining to spotlights/reviews/etc for the blog and of course for whoever is wanting the promotion. And we’re all for promotions, especially if we’re into whatever you’re sending our way. But even if we’re interested, we won’t hesitate to send you a decline reply if ONE, you didn’t do your research and TWO you didn’t even personalize your message.

We know if you didn’t do your research, we read/blog
about the same things. All. The. Time. So if you’re sending us a request for a book we wouldn’t touch with an imaginary 10 foot pole, then we’re highly likely to discard your message and keep it pushing.

What we don’t like is when we get spam messages.
And by that, we mean that you didn’t even bother to personalize your copy/pasted message. Can we say how annoying that is? And because you didn't take the time to look around the blog and check us out, you done typed up or copied/pasted your email for naught.

Here is the thing, we do not mind getting requests, we do not mind promoting an author’s work (again, if it is in a Genre we read…) but a little common courtesy will get you a long way. Just to send a random butt email to us or any blogger IOHO shows how little you respect our space. And frankly, it is just rude. Like seriously, would you walk up to a stranger on the street and just shove your book in their face and keep on walking? No? Well, guess what? Emails work the same way.

We don't know where this trend of just sending bloggers spam came from, but it needs to stop. You want to promote your book? Okay. How about you announce it via your social media pages and yes send it to the bloggers YOU know. Run a tour company? So nice for you BUT please stop sending random bloggers your tour documents, it's SPAM! Besides, most tour companies have hosts, shouldn't they be the ONLY ones to get your emails? And if a blogger signs ups for a tour via a favor for a author or fellow blogger please for the love of crackers and cheese DO NOT ADD THEM to your email list. Here is what needs to be done, add a note at the top or bottom of your document stating that signing up for a tour will automatically add someone's email to your mailing list (thank you Patrice at Musings of a Romance Junkie). Give people the option of getting your future emails or opting out of the tour. We are also starting to notice that some of ya'll don't even add the option for folks to unsubscribe to your emails *side eye from hell*. Don’t like a blogs Facebook page to only send them a message asking them to post your .99 cents book OR again send them a spammy link. We all want to grow our FB pages but we also want people who are ONE interested in what we are posting TWO who interacts with us. Ana & I only posts sales links of authors we’ve read, gotten blogger rec’s of and interact with. This include Twitter too!

These things are very unpopular and if you take a poll, a majority of bloggers will tell you this. If WE can take the time to look up your book via every damn book site when a request is sent, check out your website, blog, FB...etc. Why cant you take the time to return the favor?

We understand that authors want to promote their books, tour companies need hosts to help them out and all that jazz, we get IT but these spammy emails/messages have got to stop. We blog...we love it but this...this is a recreational hobby for both of us, not a job. We do it for our love of reading. Somewhere down the line, blogging has been put upon folks like it’s a job that they are being paid for and we are NOT. The rudeness and quite frankly less than friendly emails are getting tiresome to see.

We also understand that authors hire an assistant to help with promotions and you’ve got to admit, some of you assistants out there are doing this as well. We’re not dogging you for doing what you get paid to do, but come on, like we’ve been saying, a little bit of reading up on the blogs/bloggers you want to help promote the author you’re working for goes a long way.

tumblr_inline_mfdkuqM2oG1qcn3a6.gifSo when you contact us here at Brazen Babe
Reviews...before you send that email, take the time
to check our Policies page and our About
Us page, IT is not that hard. Please do not send us
an email that starts off with Hi Blogger (because really?) OR how about just nothing at all, just go into your spammy message (smh, special).  The last two messages we received seriously had us with the “WTF” face because they were both just beyond ridiculous.

Save your time and ours. The Brazen Babes, Ana and Sharonda are not here to be your pimp mules. This is our space, respect it and then you will have happy blogger responding to your email or not. 

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