#VideoBookReview: The 'N' Word by Tianna Leveen

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I'm doing this review a little different, you may notice that there is no rating. I decided to add it after I finish the 2nd book as I want to rate it as a whole but so far so good. This book deals with racism and all the ugly that goes with it. The author does give a warning in the beginning that if your sensativities may come into question, then this is not the book for you. But I challenge you to read it and experience the growth a man who you may see on the outside and assume that he is a hopeless case.

Source: Purchased
Fomate: Mobi (Kindle)
Published: August 8 2015
Series: From Race to Redemption #1
Author: Tiana Leveen
Genre: Contemproary Romance (A Unconventional One...)
Heat: Medium/Strong Sexual Content (A lot of dirty talk through letters)
Available: Amazon | Goodread (Blurb/+Shelf)

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