#AudioBookReview: Jungle Fever Duology: A Ghetto Girl Romance by L.V. Lewis (Contemporary Romance)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

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*ARC of the Duology (eBook) provied by author for review
Format: Audio Books
Series: The Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy
Author: L. V. Lewis
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Strong Sexual Content
Available: BN | Amazon | +Goodreads (Blurb/Shelf it)

My Review

Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever, starts off this duology with Keisha Beale meeting Tristan White who will be backing her and her friend Jada's new business venture, a music store and recording studio. Upon their first meeting Keisha and Tristan are attracted to one another but Keisha is not going to ruin this opportunity for their new company or else Jada will kick her ass. But Keisha being who she is (the kind of educated ghetto girl that speaks her mind) does that anyway when she all but basically tells Mr. White to kiss her ass when their first meeting doesn't go well.

To make up for her lack of professionalism when they initally met, Keisha is offered a deal so that Tristan will back their business but she also agrees to become his submissive AFTER they do the first do to squash that heat and pull they both experienced upon first meeting. Jungle Fever goes into the start up of the uncoventional romance that Keisha and Tristan both agree upon. Keisha goes in as a newbie sub but she has the help of her friend Jada (who is already in the lifestyle as something of a switch but more of a dominant female) and of course Tristan. He guides her into it smoothly, I won't lie when I say the sex scenes (BDSM and vanilla) had me sweating and panting like a woman starved (I seriously need a new boyfriend, lols), it was erotic as all hell and I will tell you that I was there for it all, okay?!

But both Keisha and Tristan have secrets and those secrets will threaten the somewhat shaky relationship these two started in the first place with Keisha pulling out of their agreement as her past comes back and bites them both in the ass something fierce. Jungle fever is told from Keisha's POV.

Exit Strategy, picks up where the first book left off. Keisha pulls out of the relationship and Tristan is pissed. He shouldn't be but he is. He's usually the one to pull out, not the submissive. He knows there is more to what Keisha is keeping from him but she won't divulge that information. But it's not like Tristan hasn't been fully open and honest with her either. He is starting to feel more for Keisha more and more by the day and that is so NOT what he was looking for. Feeling for someone and loosing them is something that Tristan does not want to go through ever again...he went through that when he lost his mother to Cancer. He refuses to do it again. So he lets her go when she leaves even though it is crushing him something fierce.

Keisha loves Tristan that much she is certain of. But she won't let him find out about her abusive past, she won't have him feeling pity for her. So when her panic attacks start to happen again while she and Tristan are in scenes, she wimps out of telling him and forces herself out of their agreement. She also knows that he doesn't want a relationship with any woman and Keisha even given her childhood still wants a future and a family with someone. Yes, she would rather have it with Tristan but she is not going to force herself on him even though it is killing her on the inside.

Exit Strategy, both Tristan and Keisha use it more than once in this second book as they break up, get back together and break up again. They attempt to finagle this relationship and as secrets come out, they are trying to handle a threat that is adding to the strain of their fragile bond. Keisha decides to tell Tristan her feelings for him and it is not the good outcome she expects.With her heart broken and the threat against her life still out there. Will they survive it all? Will Tristan pull his head out of his ass and realize that he is loosing the love of his life? Exit Strategy is told from both Tristan's and Keisha 's POV.

Now usually I avoid books that even reference FSO anything. But I am so mad at myself for taking so long to read/listen to this one. Funny, quirky and cleverly written I can only say that this author has outdone herself with these books. Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever starts off as a parody of the whole FSOG phenom. Take a biracial woman with all the edu-macation her college studies have afforded her and throw a lil ghetto up in her, you have Keisha Beale who cracked me the hell up more times than I can count. I didn't know how to take her at times and trust me, neither did Tristan. Keisha goes into the whole BDSM thought with all of the "oh hell nah, you ain't beating on me" attitude when Tristan offers her the contract but I'm glad after she talked with Jada that she got the whole idea of it right in her head. You get alot of Keisha in this first book and you also meet her faires whom Keisha has made up in her head, her sort of evil/good little angels sitting on her shoulders, Triple G (the good fairy) and Fairy Hoochie Mama (the bad fairy). All through both books they had me dying, doing things like taking swan dives off her shoulders when she broke it off with Tristan, dressing up like little subs when Tristan was dicking her down "really good", fainting and fanning each other with "church" fans...I was done, just done. Exit Strategy moves away from the parody (but it is still prevalent) and takes on the seriousness of both Tristan's and Keisha's dsyfuctions. And they both were tore up from the floor up. Tristan can't and won't commit, Keish can't and won't tell Tristan about her abusive childhood EVEN though it forces triggers out that effects their D/s relationship. You get alot more of Tristan in the second book and why he is so not getting into any serious relationships. It's sad and heartbreaking.

They were both just dumb sometimes despite being the very smart people that they are. I wanted to beat them both up and that is what kills me about romances at times, right? Like these two people love each other to death but won't tell each other *insert eye roll here* lols.  Like I said Keisha moves away from the standard and tells Tristan her feelings so I was feeling that but of course, ya'll know it has to be drama and craziness...man, I just couldn't at times. If I was into BDSM, I would have flogged them both. Anyhoo's I can't say enough good things about these books. Anything that has me at work cackling like a fool gets all kinds of props. Hell, add in the imaginary faires of Keisha's? shitniz! I had too much fun while listening. I have to say I appreciated the funny and the seriousness all thrown up in here. This is a highly recommended read/lisen too at BnB.

As I said Ms. Lewis provided the ARC of Jungle Fever Duology but I purchased the audio's as well. The narrator, Marie Hélène was perfect as she was able to switch between Keisha's and Tristan's voices as well as the side characters. She also pulled off the spanish that Keisha often spoke too being that she was of African-American & Brilizan decent. She very much pulled me into the audio's. Somebody need to contact Ms. Lewis and make her a offer, turn this into a movie or TV show because this I will watch.

I know that review is long but being that I listened to both audio's that couldn't be helped ^-^. And I'll be going out of this one in Triple G & Fairy Hoochie Mama style.

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