#BookReview: SECRETS by M.O. Kenyan

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Source: Kindle Unlimited
Format: Mobi
Series: No
Author: M.O. Kenyan
Heat Level: Medium Sexual Content
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available: Amazon | +Goodreads (Blurb/Shelf It)

My Review

So I decided to try this through Kindle Unlimited, I signed up for it (first 30 days free) to see how I would like it and if I will be keeping it. I have enough subcription services to drive a sane person looney but a book subription I haven't tried so why not this one?

So anyhoo's, this one? well, I could sugar coat it and split my thoughts between what I did and and didn't like but there weren't many things I liked. Charlie is a undercover agent who goes after two Italian mobster brothers. But in order for her to earn her respect in the agency when she goes undercover, she also leaves behind her fiance' Reese who is a top agent for the FBI or something, can't remember right now. She wants to earn her spot in the agency without his backing or her fathers influence who just so happens to be on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. So she leaves behind her boyfriend to go undercover for six years to capture these top mob brothers, well mainly one...Alexandra.

Six years later Reece gets a call or more of a demand from Charlie's father telling him he as to safe guard a little girl close to him. Yep, that little girl is Reece's daughter but he don't know that but everybody else in the damn book did. So yeah, seems Charlie was pregnant when she left Reece but she still went undercover to capture the big bad mob boss. Reese is confused as hell because no one would tell him why he needed to keep this little girl safe. The protection attempt fails and the little girl is indeed kidnapped by Alexandra's brother who wants his brother out of jail. Charlie comes back into the story and she's all shocked to see Reese but not once during the time they are working together to get their daughter back did she tell him, the girl was his. She kept telling him that she would tell him everything after, but before they get the kid back...Reece does indeed find out that the she is his.

Here were my issues.
  • Ya'll know I dislike baby secrets and if folks have to add them in their stories, please for all the love of crackers and cheese, let it make sense. Not one story have I come across where the chicks reason make sense. Now take Charlie, okay...you keep the little girl a secret while the big bad man is after you, I get that. But after he's locked up, you don't tell the man you have his kid? for six years? and your excuse is that since his brother is still out and about, it STILL wasn't safe. But as I read more into the story, neither brother even knew about the kid...huh? 
  • Charlie claimed that she left Reece because she didn't want his or her fathers influence when she signed up to be a agent. Okay...but you got your father's help to get you on the assignment to go undercover to capture the mob guy. Say what now? That didn't make any sense to me at all. 
  • Her fathers attitude towards Reese through the whole book. Dude was mad at this man for straight nothing. How you making demands of this guy and when he ask questions you get angry. You would have thought Reese left Charlie high, dry and pregnant. Uhm, sir didn't your daughter leave him and keep a big ass secret? You help her keep that secret, so why you mad at him? 
  • I didn't get Reese's hot and cold feelings, I didn't get Charlie's either. They confused the shit out of me for most of the read.  Chicks always get mad when dudes are upset because they didn't tell them about a long lost kid, didn't tell him he was your baby daddy. Why you mad? You kept the secret. Reese wasn't angry enough for me especially with nobody giving him information, keeping secrets and shit. I was more mad than he was. Charlie wasn't convincing as a bad ass undercover chick, no she wasn't. 
  • So Charlie was pregnant while she was undercover. Told the mob boss it was his but she had a miscarriage. She went through this unbelievable delivery which lasted 32 hours (yeah, okay...) but was able to get away from the mobster and his goons, contact her father after giving birth to have him come pick up the baby and go back to her job *rolls eyes*
  • Charlie had feelings for the mob boss? Because from the way the writing went, I wasn't sure and I don't think she was sure either. One minute, she was calling him a cruel bastard but there was another part in the story where his blue eyes "did something to her" when he looked at her. Say what now? It was like the author couldn't make up her mind about these two or there was going to be a love triangle. 
  • The story was a all over the place, I didn't know what I was reading at times. Charlie had another name and just not her undercover name, she had the name of Lee. I didn't know who was who at times. I didn't like the jumping around, the break up the chapters...it was choppy. There were typos which I don't usually mind but this isn't a ARC, an editor would have done her good.
The book is $2.99, 82 pages...I read it in a hour. All I'm saying is I'm glad I was able to read this one through KU. I've read Ms. Kenyan's work before and loved it, this won't stop me from reading her other works but this story just wasn't my cup of tea. In my humble lil ol opinion, this book was a mess. 


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