#BookReview: The Ultimate Betrayal by Kimberla Lawson Roby (Contemporary Womens Fiction)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Format: Mobi (ARC)
Series: Reverend Curtis Black #12
Genre: Contemporary Womens Fiction/Fiction
Heat Level: None to Medium Sexual Content
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My Review

I won't lie and say that I did not have some issues with The Ultimate Betrayal but Ms. Roby was still able weave a very good story. Why? because these characters had real life issues, struggles some might say that we call can relate too. This story revolves around two best friends Alicia Black and Melanie Richardson, both in for all intents and purposes are suppose to be in healthy relationships. 

Alicia Black is the daughter of Reverend Curtis Black and you meet her in book six of this series. Now the series itself is focused on Curtis Black and all of his "preacher ways" but book 11 and 12 focus on his adult children. Do I say read it in order? idk. You may want to read book 6 before you go into book 12 to get a bit more information on Alicia but this one, I will say this can be read as a stand alone because the author does give you a good background on these characters and their issues. 

Alicia is set to re-marry her first husband Phillip , they divorced the first time because she cheated on him and now in this book, she's cheating on him again with the same dude that broke up their first marriage. 

Melanie  and her husband  Brad are having a different set of issues.  Melanie who has been verbally abused by her parents, mainly her mother since she was a child has morphed into something all together different and it is affecting her marriage to Brad and friendship with Alicia. But Brad has a secret, a big one. 

Lawt and Jeezus where to start with this one? I will say that I felt more sympathy for Melanie than I did for Alicia. In my eyes while reading this book, Alicia was weak...oh so very weak. Her guilt from betraying Phillip during their first marriage drove him to the brink of insanity in The Ultimate Betrayal. I couldn't get behind her excuse to marry this man again when she KNEW that she did not love him, at least not in the way a woman is suppose to love her husband. Her excuses to continue to sleep with the man who broke her marriage in the first place were just unforgivable. You haven't seen this man in SIX damn years since his conniving (which I just felt he was) butt got locked up but you see him again and you feel some sort of pull? sorry but fudged all that nonsense. AND if you felt some strong ass feeling towards this man, then at least be woman enough to break it off with your fiance'. Her lies and deceit pissed me off to the high heavens and all the praying and crying she did DID not sway her in my favor. Asking God for help and then to continue to cheat on your now husband (because her and Phillip did remarry) is something I can't abide with. She knew, KNEW she did not love Phillip so why even remarry when she was cheating AGAIN with that man? I didn't get it, I refused to get it and I was just done with her character. 

Melanie. Ugh, Melanie was messed up. Her parents were not good people, they just weren't. Her mother in particular would fuck with Melanie about her weight even as an adult and it affected her, her entire life. Now, Melanie is in crisis mode...not eating to the point where she becomes anorexic. Her abuse of her own body is ruining her life, her career and her marriage. Brad is trying to be there for his wife as he knows the hold her mother has on her but he has is own secret, a secret he knows that will for sure drive Melanie away from him forever. The lies and secrets are breaking this marriage apart and  both Melanie and Brad aren't sure if their union will survive it. The ultimate betrayal with this couple is more than Brad's secret and Melanie's eating disorder, it's Melanie's mother too. As Melanie deals with her sickness, her mother is betraying her in the most worse of ways and I will tell ya'll I was shocked...mind fucking blown. I could not believe someone would do this to their own child but reading this woman's character throughout the book, I can't say that I wasn't surprised

Ms. Roby throws enough scriptures around in The Ultimate Betrayal but I don't think she was preachy. Her goal I would like to believe is to get you to see how even "church folk" ain't all that divine, holy...perfect. Good story with enough drama to make your head spin, but what stopped me from giving this a 4 or a 5 is Alicia's character and I explained that enough. 

One story I felt something for, the other? well the person I felt bad for in all of it was Phillip as he was a innocent victim to a woman who couldn't make an adult decision. I had many issues with this one...oh so very many but it does not take away from Ms. Roby's writing...she did that cause let me tell you if Alicia was real and my friend? girl bye! we would be fighting. 


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