#BookReview: Dutch (The Keeper Series #1) by Madhuri Blaylock

Monday, October 19, 2015

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Format: Mobi
Series: The Keeper #1
Heat Level: Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Dark Paramormal Romance
Available: TBD (Definitly in October)
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Hey Girl Hey! It’s been a minute right? But that long tedious story is for another day but it is good to post again. To get my thoughts down about a book that I enjoyed, really enjoyed.

So what book am I talking about today? Dutch, yes Dutch. Dutch is a paranormal, dark, freaky and sexy story. Let me just say right off the back that I love when I can dip into a paranormal story and just fall into the world. Because sometimes I feel like most stories are just the same ol regurgitated mess right? It’s very rare when reading these type stories that your are moved...most the time you are rolling your eyes (or at least I am…) and thinking “I’ve read this before”. But Dutch? shit and nizt!

I don’t want to tell too much because I want you to grab this book up and read it...savor it, enjoy it. Ms. Blaylock wove a story here where I was just lost in it. It took me forever to write this review because I got caught up in some personal mess (life sucks sometimes, lols) but that does not mean I didn’t enjoy this one (and it just so happens the personal mess happened during my reading time…). Okay enough of that! Let’s get to the deets.

Dutch is one of the main characters in this tale and he is a Keeper of The Gate. The Gate is the balance between the living and the dead and Keepers are assassins who kill Poochas. Who are Poochas you ask? Welp, Poochas work for Death and they are given the task of bringing the dead back. Keepers and the folk they work for don’t like this, so well...here lies your story of good and evil but who is good and who is evil here?...

Things are interesting from the get go in Dutch but what made this story more for me were the characters themselves. You see, Dutch is assigned to take out a Poocha which should be standard right? its his job. But what if that Poocha is someone who catches his fancy, someone he is drawn too? In comes Juma.

Now when we say opposites attract, Dutch and Juma are as different as night and damn day. Dutch is all dark and “Don’t touch me”. You see, Dutch does not like to be touched. He feels that because of his job, he will poison those who come in contact with him. Dutch you would think would be the classic storybook tortured bad boy BUT I will say that he took me by surprise so many times while reading. I was like, well shit...there he go again totally changing my perspective of him. Juma is all light and freaky, lols. Juma loves to touch and be touched. You see Juma has been dead since she was a child and she feels that just because she is a Poocha, it doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t have her fun in between her jobs. Juma is the type of chick I want to read more of in my books. I liked that she wasn't your typical chick walking around the story with the whoa is me and screw everybody attitude. She was just like "fuck it I'm here, might as well do what I gotta do and enjoy it" lols. #lovedit. 

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed the world that the author has built. This whole paranormal world dipped into a contemporary setting is totally outstanding along with ALL of its characters. And let me just say that I fudging love that Death was a woman...a fudging woman! She was all complicated and shit but I liked that! But what brings this world and these characters together is Dutch and Juma. Them together were like, I don’t even know how to explain it. It was just good for me, lols. They were complicated too but you could totally understand why. They did not have easy jobs, jobs where they were both did not have a choice in taking on.

And I loved that Ms. Blaylock did not hold back in this book. This is a freaky sexxy story so for you prudish readers, I don’t know if this will be one for you. This author does not hold back, this book is of ADULT nature. There is sex and she is descriptive. She is descriptive in all her scenes whether they were sexual or not so again, another big bonus for this reader. This is the first book in Ms. Blaylock’s Keeper series and it started off running, I mean feet hitting the back of your ass running. The world is colorful, diverse and vibrant, it’s descriptive and full of sexxy sex. It is amazing storytelling. At the end of this...this is a paranormal story that will make you fall in love with the genre again, it will make you love the genre if it's your first time reading it. So, it’s a highly recommended read here at Brazen Babe Reviews. Grab it up!

Thank you to one of my newest blogger buddies Guinevere over at Rebellious Cupid Book Reviews for a awesome review and for sending the author my way. And much love to Madhuri for letting me read Dutch...so uhm, when the next book ready? Cuz, you know now you got me all hooked...

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