#BookReview: Chasing Day Series by Twyla Turner (#ContemporaryRomance)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Source: ARC Provided by Author
Format: ePub (NOOK)
Series: Chasing Day
Author: Twyla Turner
Heat: Medium to Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available: Amazon | +Goodread (Blub / Shelf it)

My Review
I liked...no, I will say I loved this story because it gives you such a indepth look into these two people who are trying to make a relationship work despite “life” coming in and fudging it all up.

Take Chase and Day who have known each other since childhood...next door neighbors and all that. So, yeah...you would think this would be easy, right? well whoever said loving someone was easy just straight lied. And it’s not like these two had issues dealing with their race because this is a interracial romance. I’m going to go off key for a moment and say that I’m glad this Ms. Twyla didn’t get all racial on me.  I am still a firm believer in loving who you want no matter their skin complexion but unfortunately in this world we live it...that is a wet dream that is NOT good. But the author didn’t focus so much on that, you just knew that Chase is white and Daylen is black...that’s it.

Now their relationship? ghuurll! *let just pull up this damn chair and speak candidly* and I’m not going spill too many secrets but here go my issues and likes.

Chase no matter what stuck by Daylen even when she had those “I’m fat, you can’t possibly like me moments” that right there is a good man and good friend.

I adored the relationship between Daylen and her mother. It was such awesome representation of what goes on between black mothers and their daughters. It reminded me of the one me and my mom have. It was such a wonderful thing to see in a book!

This back and forth between Chase and Day worked my damn nerves  AND I am so not one to talk (only because I’ve been in a relationship that had gone on over the years…) but these two I just wanted to smack upside the head and be like “seriously?” and WTF?”

Chase...seriously dude? you gonna go and get with the chick that had issues with your best friend/former lover? NOPE! that is a big nope dude!

Daylen...oh my goooddddd Daylen. I was feeling you girl until you did that thing. That thing I cannot stand
...soooo really Daylen? ghurrlll?! again NOPE!

Let me just give ya'll an idea of how I feel about all these nopes.
I ain't here for it at allll.....

All and all this is a good coming of age turned into a very adult tale. Chase and Day were very realistic characters dealing with some realistics themes...first love, jealously, abusive situations and much more.  

I’ve read Ms. Turner’s work before and enjoyed her writing immensely and that has not changed. This story was well done, well written and well told. So if you enjoy a mix of YA tangled in with some NA and adult themes than Brazen Babe Reviews highly recommends Chasing Day.  Now I know I rated this a 4 but that lil surprise took it down a notch for me but that doesn’t take away from a good story and a good story is what Ms. Turner gives you.                                             

My Rating

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