#BookReview: A Demon In Waiting by Holley Trent (#ParanormalRomance)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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Series: Sons of Gulielmus #1
Author: Holley Trent
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat: Light Sexual Content
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My Review

A Demon In Waiting was a quite the read. There is a virgin half incubus, a woman who doesn't know she half angel and a whole sort of other Supes. The virgin is John, coming into his incubus powers when he turns twenty-eight...John who is raised in a cult is offered a job by his real dad Gulielmus. Gulielmus who is a fallen angel turned Incubus and just so happens to work for #TeamEvil recruits John to work for him. Basically to go around the world corrupting women, taking their souls, tainting them...yada yada.

John who is tired of the cult life take his father up on his offer but doesn't really come through. On his first assignment he falls in love with Ariel, the crazy woman who picked him up while he was hitchhiking. There is something about Ariel that attracts John and he can't find himself to corrupt her.

Ariel knows she shouldn't pick up the blond guy but she does anyways. On her way back home to North Carolina from a failed job and boyfriend, she figures what the hell? what could possibly go wrong?

Seems a whole lot of things. A Demon In Waiting is filled with snark, humor and more snark. It's a quick easy read without you missing much. John and Ariel get into the groove of things pretty quickly but it felt right for them...you could actually picture these two together. But the extra added bonus was Gulielmus himself, Ariel's grandmother (who turned out to be quite the kick ass) and a some other Supes that came into the story.

Both John and Ariel learn quite a bit about each other and their families. Ariel is finding out that the world around isn't exactly all normal and John finds out that pissing your long lost daddy (who just so happens to be a demon) off is probably not the best of things to do. It's all enough to drive these two young lovers batty, but it was a good batty for me.

If you like quick paranormal reads with a touch a snark and wit, then A Demon In Waiting is right up your alley.

My Rating

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