#BookReview: A Virtuous Ruby by Piper Huguley (#HistoricalRomance)

Monday, November 16, 2015

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Format: (Kindle)
Series: Migrations of the Heart #1
Author: Piper Huguley
Heat: Sweet Romance
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My Review

A Virtuous Ruby is the story of Ruby Bledsoe, a young black woman in a small town in Georgia who is when we come into the story just starting to show her face again. After months of hiding after being attacked and having a son from that bad experience, Ruby is trying to get her life back. She is also trying to help the black people in Winslow by starting her own chapter of the NAACP because of the injustices that they are facing. But Ruby runs into opposition not only from the Whites and the towns richest family, the Winslows....she also faces backlash from some of her people.

In comes Adam Morson, the illegitimate mixed race son of the towns proprietor, Paul Winslow. Adam has been summoned to Winslow by his father because the town needs a Doctor for its colored residents. Adam being a Doctor comes at his fathers request but also initially comes with the hope of having some type of relationship with the man he never knew.

The story started off rough for me because I had such a hard time liking Ruby. She did have this strong strength about her for a girl her age (18) but she also had the irritations of a person that age as well. She was hard headed and didn't listen...like I understood her quest to help the people of Winslow, but I don't think she fully took into the consequences of what her actions caused, people died and also she had a baby to think about. And living in a town where they lynched folks just for looking at whites the wrong way, I couldn't understand her lack of thought at times. She also had the deep dislike of Adam when he first came into town, not liking him automatically because she assumed he passing as white...I mean he did to learn his studies to become a doctor AND he had too when he was up North. But once he came into Winslow, Adam knew very well that he was negro. He didn't have to pretend, his father's family would not let him pretend. So Ruby's dislike of him at the beginning was very annoying to me as I got the feeling she was doing the same thing (passing as white) before her attack. Plus this man is a doctor and she's just a young girl going around helping other women birth babies and no disrespect to that but dang, she was basically trying to say she was better at doctoring folks than Adam was....uhhh, no young lady!

I enjoyed Ms. Huguley's writing style. She gives all of characters such depth even the ones you wanted to dislike. Like Adam's father Paul. Towards the end of the story, you could see Paul Winslow's struggle with wanting a relationship with Adam but not really being able to because of society's feelings towards that. Also, Adam's brother David...he was much of a victim as Ruby was. What he did to her was wrong but you could see that David automatically went along with what he thought his privilege could bring to him. He struggled with his feelings towards Ruby but again, him loving a black woman was not what society wanted from a young man such as himself.

Reading the story, you can feel everyone's struggle...it gives you a deep look into race, family and social standards. It's a story that transcends time because we still deal with these things to this very day.

It's a big plus that all of this centers around such a sweet romance that developed between Ruby and Adam. How such a love can come out of darkness and hate is always amazing to read.

I enjoyed the growth of the characters but I will say I loved Adam's growth the most. You have this man who when he first comes to Winslow is looking for some sense of family...a man who wants to belong to something, a man who has his foot in and out the door because of his mix race, a man who never really was accepted by blacks or whites because of his mix race. But coming to Winslow, he finds the family and acceptance he so desperately wanted (and it wasn't his Father's). Adam learned alot about himself while in Winslow. He became the man he truly wanted to be and he is the reason why I gave this story four Brazen Babes.

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