Whine & Write #1: #DiverseReading (#RandomThoughts and #Givewaway)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Ana & I wanted to come up with something where we could whine about stuff but make it a bit fun, so the idea of Whine & Write was born. Fair warning these posts may sometimes be encouraged by our love of Wine/Booze/Liquor.

My whine today has to do with folks not doing what they're suppose to do.  My grandmother had a saying, "if you're going to do something, do it right...don't half ass do it". So due to lame excuses and general "I don't give a f**ks", I'm just going to talk about #DiverseReading. I'll share a couple of books I lurved so far this year and what I would like to see more in my reads.

Have you ever read a book and after reading it, you're sitting there kinda like staring into space...probably trying to figure out who going top this shitniz? Yep! this be me and below are some of those books.


All of the books above gave me something to "get jiggy with it" about. I totally adore when authors leave with me the "feels", you know? like I wasn't expecting you to take me away *calgon commerical, lols* but you know what?

Now get yourself back to writing.

Just a feeewwww things I would like to see more of.

1.  More sexually aware women in my reads, especially with WOC. If she don't know nothing, she a ho...why though? Ya'll got me like...

Listen, I'm not saying she got to be just spreading her goods all around. BUT I want to see more women (especially women of color) that are not afraid to be sexual AND not be labeled something *bad*. Why do we always have to get a man who IS the biggest ass ho walking this side of the earth and he lands a virgin? "come on now".  Why can't the roles be reversed? Why we always have to get women who are IMO scared of their sexuality. Like she damn near 40 and still a virgin or don't know that much about sex, huh? Like damn even it books, we can't be free with the puss? Why the fudge not? If I can see AND read about d**k all everywhere. I should be able to see and READ about the puss. Give your girl something to talk about...that IS all.

2.  More smart black girls and other women of color who are NERDS and FREAKS. It's like we can't be the both at the same time. How and why fudge not? I'll wait....hmmmm? Yeah....

Listen, its 20*fudging*15. And for anybody OR any boy/man who thinks a smart/sexually aware women is someting else beyond what your punk ass can handle?...then YOU need to question your life or whoever raised you. Cause I ain't got time too.

3. Women of color in romances that aren't the standard. I want to see more WOC in westerns, paranormals, historicals and I want to see them in a positive way. She ain't always got to running from something/somebody....what? chick just can't take a trip? She ain't got to come from a broken background, be the help or the sassy best friend...you know those typical sterotypes *rolling my eyes*. In general I think a majority of women of color are not correctly represented in stories...I just don't. We have other folks (and sometimes our own) telling our stories the wrong way. And when we speak on it truthfully and passionately, we are told that we are bitter and angry.

4.  More MEN of color and can they be reflected in a postive way too? Can he not always be 1 in the group of many? a drug dealer, bouncer, fudging limo/cab driver, the BIG bad body guard. OH and yes, the evil bad guy. Just not have any issues other than maybe some regular shit? Idk, maybe he just work all the time or something. Can we get more classy, mature men of color?

I may think of some stuff later but right now, these are more prevelant. Listen, I don't wanna go all into a race conversation BUT I will say until my last breath that ALL of us need to be fairly represented in books whether they be romances, mysteries and more.

So us join in celebrating #DiverseReading. Find a book OTHER than AND outside of what you normally read, read a book with some color in it. It won't hurt, I promise you that.

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