#BookReview ~ Miranda's Delimma by Natasha Blackthorne (#HistoricalRomance)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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Format: Mobi (Kindle)
Series: NA
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
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My Review

Ah, a story of two people who despise the lifestyle of each other BUT their attractions towards one another will test their boundaries and question their dislike.

Miranda Jones, the bastard daughter of a duke is now a courtesan in training. Taken under the wing of her aunt who is also a courtesan, Miranda is becoming one of the most sought after mistresses. After losing her previous protector, she is now on the search for a new one but in her way stands Adrian Sutherland who cannot stand the ground she walks on (and when I tell ya’ll he can’t stand her, he doesn't like her at all). Miranda doesn’t understand Adrian’s instant dislike of her but the feeling is mutual and she will not let him ruin her future despite her ever growing feelings towards the young duke.

Adrian would do anything to get his revenge against Miranda and her kind. He has a plan that will take the young and beautiful courtesan out. A courtesan was his father’s and father in law’s downfall and he will not stand by and be the next victim...or will he? Despite his dislike of Miranda, there is something different about her than the others. Will he get is revenge? OR will his ever growing attraction to Miranda be his downfall?

I can’t say I liked either Adrian or Miranda instantly, they both kinda worked my nerves a bit. Their constant back and forth with their feelings about one another was a bit annoying but these two both had backgrounds that paved a way for their instant dislike. I wanted them both to pull their heads out of their butts long enough to see that their parents or who they dealt with in the past really had nothing to do with their feelings towards each other or their futures. Did they learn this by the end of the story? yes, but I won’t tell.

Again, this author gives you a heartfelt story. A story rich in detail and history. Well written with a world building that keeps you bound to each page. Miranda and Adrian eventually do find light at the end of their dark tunnels. This is the first book in their story and I look forward to seeing this couple’s progression.

My Rating

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