The Wiz Live!: What I Thought

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Wiz Live! aired on NBC December 3rd and it was everythang! I'm not even gonna go on about the racists tweets from dumb people that didn't realize that this was Tony award winning Broadway show and movie that debuted 40 years ago. I will not go on about the POC who complained about dumb shit like the costumes and other irrevelant nonsense once the production did air....Jeezus and lawt, I will not.  NBC won the day that day because they aired an all black production on prime time TV. Ya'll, I am damn impressed.

It was like going down memory lane for me, I didn't see the broadway play but I did see the movie that was adapted from the play. I was in awe! There were some subtle changes but the live version stayed true to the Broadway play roots and Stephanie Mills who played Dorothy in the original stage play returned as Aunt Em and ghurl, she still got dem pipes!

It started off well, Dorothy played by new comer Shanice Williams is not happy with her current living situation. Loosing both her parents in a car accident she now lives on her aunt's farm and Dorothy ain't about that farm life.

After her talk with Aunt Em, she is then caught in a storm and whisked away to Oz where she along with her new found friends, The Scarecrow, The Lion and The Tinman try to get back home.

From there, it was trippy and fun. The costumes were current and hip.

They Slayed!!!

The all star cast was out-fucking-standing. Queen Latifah played the Wizard, Neyo as the Tinman, Elijah Kelly as the Scarecrow, David Allen Grier as the Lion and Uzo Aduba as Glenda. All of the characters were updated with funky costumes and hip hairstyles, again I was impressed.

  They pimped ;D (Yaass Queen!)

The production incorporated current dance moves and added a couple of new songs with the ones from the original play/movie. I was dancing all up in my house, I was singing...but I'm sure I wasn't as good and kept wondering why my sister's cat was looking at me crossed eyed, lols!

Below are just a few highlights along with my commentary.

Dorothy and the Scarecrow easing on down the road

When the Lion freaked dem poppies...boooyyy!

Evilene casting hella shade (MJB came thru like that bus in Speed, she...was...not...playing)

Glenda dropping down from the sky like Christmas miracles (ohhh Uzo, ghurlll...who knew you could sang!)

Just being taken back and singing all those wonderful songs was a sight to see. It was a excellent incorporation of old and new...I'm so glad I DVR'd it and cannot wait until they release the DVD because THIS girl is buying it. No Toto during the live production...they just couldn't but he did show up at the beginning and end.

All and all it was a wonderful experience, something both adults and children would have enjoyed. A great family event.

The Wiz Live! gave me that good feeling and I'm still basking in all of its glory.

The soundtrack isn't availble until December 11th but if you want to hear songs from the play/ you go.

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