Whine & Write #2: I'm a Reader and I Don't Have To Deal With The Nonsense

Monday, December 7, 2015

You know when Ana & I started this blog, the name Brazen Babe Reviews spoke to us because we wanted to be a little more Brazen in our thoughts in not just about the books we read but how we feel about blogging and other things. So we (well Ana really, lols) came up with the idea of Whine & Write, where we would talk or rant about things that are on our minds and the plus we get to share with you our favorite drinks, sort of like a bought to you by....lols. Fair warning these posts may sometimes be encouraged by our love of Wine/Booze/Liquor. 

I’m writing this post because I’m not particularly feeling a certain way but I am...get what I’m saying here? After talking with some fellow bloggers and seeing random posts *sigh*. Here is the thing, I’ve been at this blogging game for a minute now and no way am I an expert on the subject but it’s a space where I felt that there wasn’t so much drama in and when I say that, I mean no author drama, blogger drama...damn drama lamas. But of late, I’ve been seeing some things that have me like...

Mainly, a lot of folks be out here screaming *these ho's aint loyal*

I’ve been seeing some gripes about readers. Readers not supporting authors and their craft and honestly, it can be a number of things that draws this statement out. We steal books, lie about what we've read, complain about book pricing (because really how dare someone complain about a 80 page $3.99 eBook...), don’t appreciate the amount of time it took someone to write their book and my absolute favorite, the reviews (bad and good). What kills me is that I constantly see folks posting “review a book, it helps” buuuttttt when the review isn’t favorable.

folks be like...
giphy (2).gif

If you have noticed of late, there haven't been a whole lot of reviews showing up on our blog and yeah, both Ana and I are seriously busy with life. But I've gotten to point where I feel like you know what? "fudge this" because damn if I do and damn if I don't. And to be truthful with ya'll, sometimes...I don't feel much like it of late.
Like seriously, I feel like who the hell is going to appreciate me sitting down (sometimes after I get in from work) and sit at my computer (because sitting at one at work is fun enough...) and writing about how your book made me feel or what I thought about it. Why should I do any of this? When I damn sure can be having my glass of "goodnight all" (wine) and then going to bed. Why should I? when someone is just going to complain about it? No thank you Ma'am.

Aren't reviews subjective? Everyone will not see your story as you did and everyone will damn sure not like it.

I don't understand why I, the reader just can't simply write what I thought about a book without someone getting their panties/drawers all up their butt and then sending their brigrade of fanantics after me.

So when I see folks trashing on readers because they have gotdamb opinion...which sometimes folks ask for.
Well, I’m sorry but I don't get it when I see a rant or a complaint about said opinion. Like how you do that sir/ma'am? And if I bought a book, I can rate that baby how the hell I want...my money, my thoughts, my time...me honey. This includes IMVOP if you sent it for review, back up to the man in the scary mask up there cause I think some ya’ll feel like if a book was sent as a “REVIEW REQUEST” or wait, I gave that person a "free"book, a blogger has to give it a perfect rating...da fuq is that?! How did we get here? why are we still there? and what happened to honest and unbiased? which again some of ya'll be asking for.

Why Sway?...

These books you're writing...that folks done spent their hard earned money on? You disrespect them so much when you complain about how unsupportive they are when they don't fall in line with what you think they should have. So when I see the gripes about what these same people who don’t do enough of, it makes me a little upset and I am so here to tell ya'll, that I am not here for that nonsense.

giphy (3).gif

This is why I barely accept review requests hardly ever anymore, I've decided to just go back to my massive backlist of books sitting on my NOOK and Kindle.

My whine is this. Please appreciate your readers because from what I’ve been seeing of late, I feel that some of ya’ll just dont. It’s like just buy my book and shut the hell up. And  I’m not saying you have to swallow anyone’s bs if they come at you and no, not all readers/bloggers are all wonderful. But seriously, what is the purpose of hunting down a reviewer/reader becasue they didn't like your book? Stop lumping all reviewers/readers in the same box when you done went off on your ranty "readers are assholes" post. Because for that small margin of readers that are assholes, you have a very GENEROUS amount who go hard, be out here supporting every way they know how too (and still ain't getting paid....) and it seems there is very little appreciation and very little thank you’s. And you wonder why some bloggers/readers get fed up and just drop out of the game. 

Ya'll sitting here wondering why you loosing and not gaining....mmmhhhmmm. Shade thowing? maybe.

pe76b.jpgThis is not a angry blogger, this is a (F)rustrated blogger. This is a blogger who is (T)ired of folks talking about they leaving or won’t write in a genre anymore because they don’t see or there is little support. This is a blogger who is (T)ired of going through her social media timelines and keep having to do the “Robert Downey Jr Eyeroll” because adults are acting like damn children that don't know how to play in the sand nicely together. Ninety-Nine percent of the time, I feel like readers/bloggers are not appreciated.

And you know what? I get it, I know some folks want their product to move onto something beyond a spine with paper. But sometimes, you have to start with a little humble pie and I’ve been seeing alot of bitch pudding. I'm like Jay-Z right about now, I got 99 problems (and I DO) but your book ain't one. 

~~~This  post does not apply to all because I've come across some sweethearts who are costantly supporting bloggers/readers. They are the ones who will send a email and I'll accept it no matter what. 
BUTTTTT for you ones that may feel some type of way after reading this, then...

thanks Monica, lols! .

Listen, folks be saying we all share this space and we should be nice to each other, but I can't tell. And you know what? I ain't gotta put up with nobody's mess and neither does any other blogger/reader. By nature, I'm a supportive person but I won't deal with your bs, I don't have too and I won't. So! if we all share this space and want make it something postive and joyful, then cut the crap and let's get back to the basics...readers reading and writers writing. Everything else will fall in line. 

This weeks Whine Wine:

Sweet Red by Libery Creek 

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