#BookReview: The Truth Behind The Lies #2 by Lolah Lace (#ContemporaryRomance)

Monday, January 11, 2016


Source: Self Purchased
Format: Mobi (Kindle)
Series: ?
Author: Lolah Lace
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

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My Review

You know what?...when I prayed this weekend. I prayed to hit the powerball (that didn't happen,cos my ass still at work), I prayed my sons basketball team would win (and they did, although I’m half ass def from my baby daddy screaming in my ear...I swear I refuse to go to another game with his hollering ass). And I prayed that I would get through this story 2nd book of Truth Behind The Lies (ya’ll, I barely did).

The story picks up after Nina and Bash had a fight. She basically accused him of murdering his ex-wife and ya’ll know that did not go well. Because Bash is tired of everyone thinking he did and for Nina to even think it, well...

But after leaving Nina for what I thought was a ride to clear his head...low and damn behold, we discover that Bash’s ex-wife is NOT dead and he didn’t kill her ass but after reading what this ho put her own family through then yeah, I think he should have kilt her ass a long time ago.

But Bash ain’t about that kind of life. He’s ain’t no punk, but he also isn’t stupid. He ain’t trying to ruin his wealth on stupidity.

Ya’ll! It’s more drama, I mean the more Nina found out...the more shit that was uncovered. Didn’t I tell ya’ll I would have left? Newly packed panty drawer cleared! Like I would have been like bye boo. Thank you for the time and the rides, but I gots to go. Nina came from humble beginnings and Bash is rich but Nina did not need him and his money like that. Girl was doing her own thing which I love because I’m so tired of reading about these rich knuckleheads coming in and and being all captain save em....you know, saving these chicks from their so called horrible and rachet lives. I’m not saying a come up isn’t good but dang, can we please have more women who aren’t only with the hero because he richer than Richy Rich?

Anyhoo’s, where was I? oh yes...Bash’s ex is not dead. The heffa is alive...she ain’t well, but she alive and she is crazier than bat shit. Bash and his family went through some shit with this nut, squirrels hoarding all their nuts up in her brain. All kinds of crazy was going on and I don’t know how this man survived it. Like if he was my friend and was telling me the stuff “ol crazy” was doing, I would have been looking at him like


I just couldn’t. All the cant’s in the world could not stop me from screaming WTF all throughout this read. It was nuts and I think I lost my sanity for a minute or two...possibly more. I think at one point I got up to walk off the crazy. But you know what? It was page turning...like I wanted to just stop but my brain was all like “you betta not!”. So I kept it up but I constantly had to check myself because the level of shit that went on...ya’ll, it was OMFG!

The ending? another one that was just...
You know, I’m just going to give it to you like this. I was like this by AND at the end


So what does this mean? Good storytelling again Ms. Lace. Good ass storytelling and I can see now I will be #bookbroke messing around with you. Ma’am you left me with a questionable ending and I...I just don’t think I can take anymore. BUT if you say there will be more, than my crazy ass will be there...lmbo!

My Rating

My review of the 1st Book.

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