#BookReview ~ The Truth Behind The Lies by Lolah Lace (#ContemporaryRomance)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Source: Self Purchased
Format: Mobi (Kindle)
Series: ?
Author: Lolah Lace
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Available: BN | Amazon | Authors Site | Goodreads (Blurb/Shelf it)

My Review

Well, what was possibly going to be a video review turned into a big ass nope! It just wasn’t going down and I think I possibly ruined my laptop in the process...thank goodness for warranties.

Anyhoo’s todays review will be on The Truth Behind The Lies. Now I will start off and say that this book started off hella slow for me. I just wasn’t feeling these two at all. And not to knock Ms. Lace’s writing but I wasn't moved by the first  65% of this story. I will say that I like that Nina and Bash (short for Sebastian) 

moved slow as far as getting to know one another...they didn’t have sex until they both got their tests results back and I have to say that is the first time I read that in a book. Bash was impatient though...he wanted Nina bad, not to say the feeling wasn’t mutual but a man sleeping with me with his head between my legs..getting no cookie...it just wouldn’t be happening in my world, lols.

Both Ninia and Bash have problems and Bash problems are more complex than Nina’s cause all she got is a crazy ex boyfriend who can’t take “leave me alone” for a answer. Bash? oh ya’ll...Bash got some shit with him...here me? The second half of this book had me like…


Like ya’ll! it was some straight up drama...unbelievable ass drama. Nina was good because me? oh..no ma’am, I would have picked my panties up and went home. But we know how these romances go right? she loving him, he loving her and she gonna try it.

Towards the end she done pissed Bashed off. Now before I give ya’ll this good ending (sort of…). Bash ex-wife went missing a long time ago and he was accused of some shit but they couldn’t prove it so now he just living his life right? and now he has Nina in it and he is all good. 

But don’t they sometimes say the dead never sleep? or something to that effect.

Now I done told ya’ll I ain’t telling but this ending….ghurl! this ending had me like


And you know Ms. Lace would do this when my ass done said I was going on a book buying ban...like how I’m going to that now? I gots to get the second book and see how this plays out. Ma'am, listen...I don’t even know how this man is going to accomplish what he plans on accomplishing. I mean, like...does he seriously have a plan? SMDH. His best friend told him to turn that damn car around and he didn’t and now we're here...we here!

I’m gonna stop now before I drive myself nuts. I will be reading part 2 next weekend so look out for my review...if I make it.

This is a good romance... a little slow to start but once it started, wow! There is a mystery going on in these pages too and that! that is what got me to giving this a five. Great writing, excellent storytelling, damn good way to keep your readers invested Ms. Lace.

My Rating


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