Tuesday Jams #146

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's time to get back to the basics, so that is what we are going to do at BnB. Tuesday Jams is  back to is regularly scheduled post, lols. Without further ado...ado....

Want to share that song you been loving like crazy lately? Just grab the image above or make your own...and whether you have a blog or not; you can show a video, a music player..whateva suites your fancy. Just remember to have fun!

It's my fault this post is just going live...but as they say better late than never? xD
Today was stressful af. I got not so good news and some dates had to be pushed back, yada, yada yada. I'm just tired. Like dang, I think January is going to have to be a do over month for me because I just can't right now, lols. Anyhoo's here's my song...enjoy!

Imagine my shock when I found out that this dude sung this song??!!! >_<
Why ya'll didn't say anything? lols...ugh. Welp, it's my jam this week. Go figure...the beiber?????smh.

Hey y'all! I know I haven't been here for a long time ;( I've just been extremely busy with life and whatnot. Enough about my absence here on the blog and on to the music! This week I'll be featuring a sorta-kinda new to me music/artist. The artist is Duke Dumont and he's not that new to me, a friend of mine introduced me to one of his songs a while back and I fell in love with it, but this song I found all on my own and I have it on repeat! The genre is one of the sub genre's for house and what not. The song is called Ocean Drive. Here it is :) Enjoy!

Some info about Duke Dumont in case you're interested!

Name: Duke Dumont (Adam George Dyment)
Age: 33
From: Harrow, England, United Kingdom
Years Active: 2007-Present
Genres: Deep House, UK Garage, Tech House

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Until the next Jam...

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