#BookReview: Be Not Afraid by Alyssa Cole (#HistoricalRomance)

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Source: Self Purchased
Format: Mobi (Kindle)
Series: No
Author: Alyssa Cole
Genre: Historical Romance
Heat: Some Sex, Yes. Nothing Crazy Tho
Available: Amazon

My Review

I have no cons about this book, not a one. Set in Brooklyn 1776 our soon to be couple meet each other in the not best of circumstances. Elijah who is fighting for the confederacy and  Kate who is a on the side of the British to win the freedom she was promised.

As I’ve said, Elijah and Kate do not meet on friendly terms. Elijah who breaks away from his camp runs into her as she is being led by one of the British who has every intent on doing her harm. It is Elijah who comes to her aid but he is captured by the British and held prisoner.

The attraction between Kate and Elijah is palpable but they are at the beginning of this story are not on the same page about the war. Elijah is promised many of things by his “owner” and Kate thinks he’s a fool to believe what the man has promised him. Elijah feels the same way about Kate’s decision to stick it out with the British. They both have one goal in mind though and that is to have their freedom, that they can and did agree on.

As the war rages on around them, things happen that puts Elijah at the advantage in the British encampment. Not to be fooled by glossy words, he has one plan and that is to escape. He wants Kate with him though. Will she continue to be stubborn and refuse? hmmmm….

Okay, what won this story for me (as short as it was)? several things really. Mainly, the author kept the story within the confines of what it was, a romance. Even given the time period and the predicaments of both Elijah and Kate, at the end of this tale...it is still a romance.  The author managed to make the love between them tense, angsty and feel good all at the same time.

Also, given the length of the story (63 pages)...I didn’t feel as if I missed anything and quite surprisingly, the relationship between Elijah and Kate was not rushed. I mean seriously these two got to know each other in the short pages they were given, excellent. I enjoyed their hard headedness as they both refused to back down from their agendas.

Bottom line, great historical romance. Great character growth and awesome world building. Well done to this author!

My Rating

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