#BookReview: Kindred, An American Love Story by P. J. Dean (#HistoricalRomance)

Saturday, February 6, 2016


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Format: ePub (NOOK)
Series: No
Author: P.J. Dean
Genre: Historical Romance
Heat: Of Course There is Sex
Available: Amazon | BN | +Goodreads (Blurb/Shelf It)

My Rating

Kindred is a beautifully written love story between Kindred Twain, a free woman of color and her childhood friend turned lover Lelaheo/Cassian Harkness, an Oneida Indian.

The story Ms. Dean told was just wonderful. I mean do you realize how many historical romances I’ve come across and the black woman is almost always a slave or the indian is almost always a savage. Thank you to this author for giving us not just a free woman of color but Kindred is also intelligent, resourceful and of course beautiful and thank you again for giving me Lelaheo who is the same as his female counterpart and he will become a doctor in this story.

As I’ve said Kindred and Lelaheo have been friends since childhood, both growing up on a farm in the middle of several wars that are taking place around it. They are raised on this farm along with Joshua (who is like her brother) by Kindred’s Grandmother Rozina and Dr. Douglas Twain.  

Dr. Twain or Douglas as he is so often called throughout the story didn’t believe in slavery saves Rozina, Kindred and Joshua from slaves traders. He then saves Lelaheo from a crazy preacher when he was young so as you can see he plays a major part here.

Before my lips get to flapping and I start giving aways too many deets, let me just tell you the good stuff because for me there was no bad...well except for that bit...I mean witch that tried to trap Lelaheo with her trifling greedy ass.

The Good Stuff

I really enjoyed the history the author added to this tale, she even adds a dictionary so that you can have an understanding of things, like Rozina’s Gullah language and also the language of the Oneida’s. The author combines the backdrop of this history to complete an epic romance between Kindred and Lelaheo. As our couple try to build a life together in and outside of TwainHall, there is of course prejudices, secrets, betrayals and so much more that they face along the way. It all just added to the exciting and excellent world building that goes on in Kindred.

Bottom line, this is a great story...loved every last word written and it was written perfectly. Great storytelling Ms. Jean and I look forward to reading more of your work.

My Rating

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