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Thursday, February 4, 2016

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This post has no additional title. And no Wine inspired this post (just had surgery so I can't, lols).

A photographer/cover designer that I follow on Facebook posted two links. The first one, she asked authors to post their books that feature characters of color, the link is HERE...look at how many folks responded. Her second post, she asked for blogs/bloggers that read/review diverse books to share their links so these authors can find their blogs, that link is HERE. Now compare the responses from her 2nd post to the 1st one. I'll wait....f**king crickets, right?

I'm not here to preach about the need for diversity and I'm not posting this to point out any bloggers/authors/blogs specifically. Has it gotten better? yeah, sure. But compared to the ratio of books that feature non-poc characters, it's not a really big gain for authors who write these books especially authors of color.

A thing started on Twitter calling for diverse books in romance and other genres. Everyone jumped on the gravy train but to this day, I still see very little blogs/bloggers that read/review or feature books with characters of color. Also, I receive little to no requests from authors of color asking to review their books.

This post isn’t to convince anyone of anything. Your blog is your blog, you can and will do what you want with it. Your book is your book, you can and will send it to whomever you please. But it bothers me to see people screaming at the top of their lungs about diversity BUT won’t feature diverse books on their space or send their books that feature diverse characters to blogs that focus mainly on just that “diverse books”.

It’s sad to see so little blogs that feature diverse books, it's sad to see so little books blogs period that cater to diverse books. It’s sad to see those blogs that do cater to diverse books get so few followers because of what they read and feature. Its sad to see people get up in arms about diversity in books when their peers talk about it. It's just a sad situation and I for one am tired of seeing a whole lot of talk and little action. Folks get excited for period of time and then just forget...

I expect to see little change in the publishing world when it comes to diversity.

The thing for me is that it shouldn't take random monthly posts for any able bodied persons to read books that feature POC characters. Because diversity is not randomness, its everyday. Everyday life reflects diversity.

And yes, people will read what they want read. I get that..understand it, hell I read what I want to read.  I know bloggers will come at me and say I have enough on my table I can't read every book that every author sends me for review. Yeah? okay, I get that too and neither can I. But really take a look at what you are accepting for review. Are you accepting books that feature diverse characters? And I don't mean books written by white straight authors. Because they get big kudos for adding folks of color in their books. Authors of color? not so much.

Authors of color, I know you want your book to get out there and you want it to be seen by the masses. But if you have blogs that specifically cater to you and your book, why not send them a review request? or ask them to feature your books?

Don’t talk to me about how you read books and the color of the characters don’t matter to you because until you show their color doesn’t matter, then well….

Don’t put a call out for diverse readers to review for you and then you feature only a few diverse books on your space.

Don’t tell me you couldn’t find a blog that wouldn't read or feature your book. Yes, blogs like mine are small and scarce but people also do not look for us. Hell, Ana and I read just about everything but just imagine a blog that caters only to books that feature POC characters….

This will be my last post about diversity in reading because honestly, folks have want to it. So until all readers include diversity in their reading, until all authors get recognition for writing diverse characters, until publishers (big and small) want to include diverse books and not separate them, like how about not listing that romance that features a character of color separately, how about just listing it under romance. Because thats what it is, correct? Until this, nothing will change.

So if you know of blogs or readers that feature diverse characters (and again, I do not mean on some special type thing...I mean all the time or most of time, hell some of the time) then stop by the Facebook post in the 2nd link and tag their blog.

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