#BookReview: Getting Schooled by Christina C. Jones (#ContemporaryRomance)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Source: Borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
Series:The Wright Brothers #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Of Course There is Sex
Available: Amazon
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You want to read a book that is contemporary and sticks to contemporary themes? Then read this book right here! You will not be disappointed at all. My actual words will be short because what I’m going to do is share my tweets of some very key moments for me in Getting Schooled. I’ll just give you a general breakdown first.

Reese is a 26 yr old professor assistant (to her mom) and she comes in contact with Jason (a grown ass 28 yr old man, lols) at first through his paper. Reese loves Jason’s words, she’s falling for the man who is writing these wordy words BUT the actual man? Nah, she ain’t feeling his big ass head at all. To her, he is rude but that rudeness is turning her the hell on. For Jason, Reese is bougie black, lols. Walking around campus thinking she cute AND she is cute but he don’t do bougie OR does he? Hmmmm. Jason thinks Reese is rude too and mean but she is doing something to him that no other woman has.

Man...listen, when I tell you these two literally lit these ePages up...chile! I thought I burned my fingers while reading. This was one of the best books I read in a long while because our author gave us true to life characters. Girls, listen I’m getting my grill fixed and Mrs. Jones had me out in these concrete streets cackling like a damn fool, I LOVED it. But I’m not reading anymore of her books until I’m done at the dentist (I ain’t messing with you Mrs. Jones!).

Now, this isn’t to say that our author doesn’t tackle serious issues because both Jason and Reese have dealt with some things in their lives BUT she didn’t make this story about those issues...feel me? You get grown folks feeling their way around a relationship and how these two handled it (or how this author handled it) gets all kinds of stars, stripes and maybe some banners too!

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So finally, would I recommend this?! That would be a hell yeah! Matter fact, it’s one of my favorite reads of 2016. Mrs. Jones, can I call you Christina? Honey, I will be reading your books again (but as I said after my dentist's visits, lmaooo!) You have a fan here, you ma’am are the truth and thank you so much for keeping our couple real and relevant. I hope to see more of Jason and Reese as this series progresses.

The side characters were a bonus too especially their parents. Ghurll! This author proves that just because you're older doesn't mean you are OLDER, here me?

As I said on Goodreads, this book...these characters are black, blackity black and I'm so here for it. So yes, get you some of this authors' work now!

My Review

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