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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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Source: Provided by the Author
Series: Wallace Pack Series #3
Author: Janet Eckford
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat Rating: Of Course There Is Sex
Available: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

My Review

I’ve read J. Eckford before, it was one of the books from her Destined for Love series which was very good and funny to boot. Give and Take is a different animal...a paranormal animal at that. Okay, what I loved about this story is the calm cool wolf that Harry was...is. Not to say that ol boy won’t get in that ass if he had to, so will his team and his partner Violet.

But Harry and Violet are fighting more than just the villainous folks who are stealing wolves and their babies to make profit. No, these two are fighting a heaving attraction to one another. Violet is used to her lone wolf status and the thought of a pack, a family is something she doesn’t want to get use too or want. BUT it’s all Henry knows...from his grandmother (who is boss bitch in charge) on down, all Henry has know is family. Can he get Violet to see past her lone wolf status?...too see how good they would be as a couple? Hmmm…

Paranormal without being overdone is all I can say. Henry and Violet know from the door that they are potential mates but their lives get in the way of them moving forward. This current case and with Henry being hurt brings feelings to the fore, can our couple make the right decision? Henry will damn sure make sure they do.

Excellent world building for the short amount of pages written and the story even though it is part of a series felt complete, you didn’t as a reader feel the need to go back and read the books before this one (plus I asked the author...). This is a stand-a-lone. Henry and Violet are a couple you can root for and the supporting cast is a extra add in. I enjoyed this one, it’s a great add to your paranormal library.

My Rating


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