#BookReview Loving Among The Dead by Dahlia DeWinters (#ParanormalRomance)

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Source: Provided by Author
Format: ePub
Series: Among the Dead #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat: Of Course There Is Sex ;)
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♥My Review

You know I could never get fully get behind a zombie romance because it’s like...how is that even going to work out Sway? I mean we fighting for this love and fighting zombies? IDK if I would have that kind of energy, lols. Seriously though, Ms. DeWinters has convinced me...I mean with this story. In real life, my boo probably wouldn’t like me much…

So, Loving Among The Dead deals with two survivors, Judith Graham who has been holed up in the house her parents made pretty much zombie proof and Sky Beckett who has survived on the road by just being..hell, smart. They run into each other when Judith who decides to venture out gets into it with some other survivors who let's just say who don’t plan on doing good things towards her.

Anywho’s after Judith and Sky get away from the bad guys, they make it back to Judith’s house which starts off as a pretty good place to stay but Sky feels that they shouldn’t stay too long because 1) soon zombies will start to make their way to and towards the house and 2) other survivors will come too and they like the earlier bunch they ran into might not be very friendly. The thing is getting Judith to leave, she doesn’t want too and I can’t say that I blame her because honestly I’m a punk...a scaredy-cat, he probably would have to had pulled me out kicking and screaming. The house they were in was pretty well barricaded and they had enough food to last for a minute BUT I can get with Sky’s point too. What happens if 1 or 2 like I mentioned above got out of hand? And the food would only last but so long, right?

Lawd, Judith and Sky have an instant attraction to each other and after being lonely for some time (on both their parts), they hook up and fall fast for one another. The thing is convincing one another should they stay or should they hit the road.

Great writing and the story was really engaging. There was action and I felt like I was right there with our couple cause man, let me tell you...even though they had their sexy moments, goodness...our author kept us stressed, lols. I was frustrated with Judith for not seeing Sky's point of view and not wanting to budge. But again, I got where she was coming from. Hell, why leave and be out on the road with zombies? Nah dog, I’ll pass. But like Sky said, how long would their little paradise last? Plus he didn’t want to leave without Judith.

Loving Among The Dead is another great paranormal romance. I mean what more can you ask for than a couple surviving a zombie apocalypse? I look forward to the rest of this series.

My Rating

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