#BookReview: Taffy by Suzette D. Harrison (#HistoricalFiction)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Source: Self Purchased
Format: eBook (Mobi)
Series: Camellia #1
Genre: Women's Fiction
Heat: Some Sex...Kinda Romantic
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My Review

Taffy for me was one of those reads that had me wanting to roll around in the goodness of it all. Taffy has romance, it also has a paranormal feel to it but this author gives you some good history too...a history of us and I L.O.V.E it.

Taffy, named for one of it’s many characters Taffy Bledsoe when we come into the story, has a dream that puts fire to her plan to get away from her husband Alfredo. These things she is working on but the dream pushes it to come to fruition.  

This tale is one that deals with what all that may seem on the surface is surely not. Taffy comes from a town that is founded by freed slaves. Bledsoe...a town her grandparents (on her father’s side) founded. Taffy is also blessed with the gift of second site, thanks to her grandmother Octavia (again on her father's side). In Bledsoe, her future seemed set. She was to go to design school and marry her childhood sweetheart Roam Ellis until all that is derailed by her Mother Rachel and Grandmother Lacy, her mother’s mother. Taffy is forced to into adulthood at the age of 16 and forced to marry a man she hardly knew and is MUCH older than she...all because her Grandmother Lacy was a snobbish bully and her Mother is a wimp. Everyone thinks that when Taffy and her mother left Bledsoe all those years back to look for Taffy’s father (who was locked up at the time), she on this particular trip left to secretly have a baby but again as I said...things are not what they seem. Taffy's young adult life is basically stolen away from her by her mother

Taffy does however has plans, tired of being someone the folks of Bledsoe assumes she is...she makes her intentions to leave with Angel and head to Chicago but again, fate has other ideas and on her yearly visit to Bledsoe for the annual Founders day event; instead of Taffy picking up Angel and getting gone, her second sight (which she calls Knowing) tells her she must stay because not only will secrets start to be revealed but she will be with Roam again who also returns to Bledsoe for the annual event.

Oh man, what a story and I just loved the history….the black history that this author added to Taffy as it only enhanced the tale more. Bledsoe, this little southern town set back in 1935 holds deep secrets and our main heroine is holding plenty for everybody else. I liked Taffy, she was sweet, funny and tough. Woman did not take no shit mainly from her fake husband Alfredo...listen that woman was kicking that man’s ass all through the marriage and she had good reason too. Alfredo who had his own dark secret, was a opportunists who took advantage of what Taffy’s grandmother Lacy offered and he thought that because Taffy was young, he would be able to control her but little did he know he couldn't and never would. Taffy kept Alfredo at bay but growing weary of constantly fighting him, she decides it's time to go.

I felt bad for Taffy because she was bullied as a child by her Grandmother and Mother, she lost all that was dear to her because the very people that were supposed to protect her didn’t. But as a adult, Taffy also got in her own way at times too. When her gift Knowing kept giving Taffy subtle little hints on what she should do...what direction she should take, she ignored it. But faced with the idea of losing Roam again, she finally decides to listen. Growing weary of keeping secrets that are not hers, Taffy makes a decision to stay in Bledsoe and finally forces her mother Rachel tell the truth about Angel, Alfredo and the whole can of crazy and let me tell ya’ll, it was some kinda crazy going on. I gotta say, I couldn't feel a ounce of sympathy for Taffy's mother because what woman does the kind of mess she did to her own child and then continued to work against her but didn't want Taffy to hate her...like what?!

There are so many secrets revealed in Taffy. Secrets about her grandmother Lacey, why the surrounding white towns didn’t fudge with Bledsoe...all I’m going to say to that is Taffy’s grandmother Octavia was a beast. Now while Taffy had the gift a sight, her grandmother had that plus more...she was very powerful and one white man knew it and firmly let the other towns know, don’t mess with Bledsoe. Reading Taffy, you discover there is a hella connections between hella people. And then when the truth bombs started dropping, I was sitting reading like:
The way this author writes Taffy, it’s like poetry in motion. And with Ms,Harrison adding in romance, mystery and this town's history...you feel a lot while reading this story. You want all the wrongs...righted and you mainly want Taffy to have her HEA...thank good gravy she does. Well done story. Yes, there are some sad and bad things going on, but the sense of family and friends...the love you knew these characters felt for one another despite the bad was just so good to get lost in.

Highly Recommended Read.

My Rating

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