#BookReview: Tempted By A Rogue Prince by Felicity Heaton (#ParanormalRomance)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Series: Eternal Mates #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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♥My Review

I am mad at myself for taking the longest time to read/review this book but in my defense, it did start off a bit slow for me. Not to take away Ms Heaton’s writing because she does write great paranormal romances but I just have issue with her heroines...I don’t like them at times. That changes a whole lot with Tempted By A Rogue Prince, Rosalind was a chick I can get down with. She just was who she was without being a *mitch* and that I can deal with.

Anyolhoo’s, this story however is Vail's...the dark "mad" prince who has betrayed his brother, King Loren and his people. Vail knows he’s done wrong but he is also fighting a darkness that is trying it’s damnedest to overtake him but Vail’s strength and tenacity in this tale will make you truly understand how faithful he truly is to his brother and the elf race. As Vail fights the darkness, he has Rosalind on his side as they are both captured by demons, but then are able to escape together. 

But both Vail and Rosalind have their issues but then to discover that they are mates is something of a bit troubling as Vail has vowed to kill any witch that gets in his way as it was a evil dark witch who enslaved him and turned him against his people. Po' Rosalind really didn't stand a chance, the woman had her own shit to deal with too but she was falling deep and hard for Vail and he didn't like her kind....like damn!

The ending is well worth the drama and torture you go through as you’re reading though. BUT I will tell ya’ll that I again am a punk...a crybaby and the relationship between Vail and Loren is a strong one, it was the best part of the tale for me. I loved that no matter what Vail did, Loren was willing to stand with his brother and fight for him. Girl, had this grown ass women in tears.

When Vail was weak from trying to save Rosalind and Loren was all upset...I was like, “oh no, no ...you will not do this to me, no you won’t":

When Vail realized that he had to leave the elf kingdom again! and Loren didn't want him too because he "just got his brother back"...I was like:

I was fudged up ya'll! Lols!

Good story, I haven't read any books past this one in the series but I'm calling it the best one thus far. Vail is just worth the read! He really is.

♥My Rating♥

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