Whine & Write #4 - Author Love!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Hey Girl Hey! Today’s Whine & Write is more of a shout out. Now I know you’re asking how is whining a shout out Sharonda? Welp! Take the ‘h’ out of the equation you have WINE and that people turns into a shout out, LOLLLSSS! Okay, okay...a bit corny but I had to try it.

Any ol hoo’s, the purpose of the post is to give a proverbial nod to authors I think don’t get enough reader love, they are IMO underrated and under-appreciated. No tea, no shade I just think sometimes the book community gets a bit excited over folks that are *coughs...hard coughs* mediocre at best cos they had a bestseller or something along those lines. BUT these authors write GOOD ass stories and yet I don’t see their books getting as much love.

They promote without hassel, their drama free (as far a I know…) and AGAIN, they write good ass mudafugding stories. So what I’m going to do is give a list, I’ll link their website (should they have them...I don’t get why any author shouldn’t have one BUT that a whole nother post) and their Amazon page *coughs* so you can update your library. I also hollered at some of my girls and they contributed to this list, I’ll link their blogs :D...sooo, uhm #leggo!

Holley Trent - I’ve read a couple of her books and you know what? Just from reading, I see that she has snark and humor AND...AND she write across genres! Holley is always pushing out books (so damn fast, a sister can’t catch up. I be getting notification from Amazon like “hey, look who wrote another book” and I’m like, I JUST got one son! Uhm, girl slow up...nah, nere mind. I’ll catch up).

Nana Prah - I just only read two of her books but shit, I like what she doing. Plus, Nana is a reader and she blogs. No drama, no shade casting, just doing her own thing. Nana writes mainly African American romance set in  Africa and I’m digging that. True story, I made a mistake when I reviewed one of her books and listed the wrong last name (don’t know what I was thinking…) and she was so cool about it, just...yeah, love her!

Kiru Taye - Listen, I am blown away by this woman’s writing. Her first book I read I thought was a little quick and didn’t pique me, right? But maaannnn, that second book?! I was like “give me more!” I heart her big and she is sweet and just amazing. One day when I get my author questions all right, I’ll interview her. Until then...get you some! Kiru writes AA romance (set in Africa & the UK and IR romance).

Kenya Wright ~ I’m still recovering from some of her books, lols. And although I’m not a fan of some of her characters...Kenya is an author that takes a leap. She’s not afraid to do that. She writes IR romance mainly and across genres. But I started off reading her paranormal series -Santeria Habitat and was like “Okay boo boo, you working...you working!”. I think authors should take chances with their skills and Kenya has done this, at least for me.  

Ambrielle Kirk - I’ve read mainly her Camedon Wolves series and I read a couple of her contemporary romances/mc romances. Ambrielle also writes across genres. I love her writing style, just clean and all romantic, lols.  Check her out!

Elise Marion - Shut all the way the hell up! Dis woman is writing historical romance...get this though...she is writing black characters during medieval times?! Like King Arthur days boo! Elise also writes across genres. Love her! No really, I’ve read her and you are missing out truly. She also started a photography site because she wasn’t finding much stock photos for her HR romances that included characters of color. Heck, start your own if you can’t find what fits you!

Victoria H. Smith - When you can make this grown ass woman kinda like NA romance...you in like Finn baby!

Now to add a few goodies from my friends.

Monica - Owner of Monlatable Book Reviews
Tiffany Ashley - Love Script
L.V. Lewis - Jungle Fever Series

Marcia - Owner of BookSwagger

Coco over at CoCo Fierce Blog has a upcoming post next week featuring just one of her favorite authors, check her out! I’ll update when her post is live.

So yeah, got a author that YOU think is underrated and not much appreciated? Leave the deets in the comment section below cause hey you never know the power of YOU. Send some love your favorite author's way. Let them know…

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