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Monday, June 13, 2016

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Source: Borrowed thru Kindle Unlimited Program
Format: Mobi
Series: Love Unaccounted
Author: Love Belvin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 5 Alarm Fire & There are BDSM Elements

My Review

This series kept me woke in the middle of the night...why? Because I had to finish it. Ezra Carmichael and Alexis Greir are going down as one of my favorite book couples.

Like oil and water, I wondered constantly while reading if these two were meant to be together. Ezra, a man set to head one of the biggest churches in New York and Alexis, a around the way girl from Harlem who is just trying to get by. How lawd, just how they survived one another is a blessing all in itself.

But they do make it because Ezra in all of his pursuit of Alexis knew that she was his, his gift from God. If he kept his promise to go back home and fulfill his role as leader of his Grandfather’s church, he would get Alexis. Keeping her is a whole nother thing though.

For all his arrogant ways, Alexis is no fan of Ezra’s BUT there is something about the man that draws her to him (and it’s just not his height….). Alexis can admit that only a man such as Ezra can tame her. Oh she may have gone in kicking and fighting but that man was able to tame her. She assumed she was going to get a preacher man and yeah, traditionally that was and who Ezra  Carmichael is but as he slowly brings her into his world, Alexis realizes that there is more to her man than meets the eye.

There are BDSM elements to this series as Ezra is into the lifestyle and brings Lexi into it as he realizes that she is a submissive. There were no hard and painful scenes except the occasional spankings. Ezra was more of a masochist and into more of the controlling aspects of BDSM. Lexi was a tough student as she loved at times topping from the bottom but as these two become more bonded throughout the series, they start to become in sync with one another.

The pace of the series was well done and I enjoyed the world building. Both Ezra and Lexi had complicated backgrounds and once they learned more about each other, their backgrounds...I felt brought them closer to one another.

The side characters were like a bonus added to the story line. Our couple had folks who were rooting for them to make it and of course, they had folk just awaiting their downfall.

All and all, I really really loved this series and it is easily one of my top and favorite reads this year. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more from this author.
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My Rating

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