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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The cattiness.
The fights.
The shaming.

I don't generally watch reality television, but I definitely don't watch reality dating shows. Besides the fact that it's completely staged, it's a horrible depiction of people -- women especially.

Women are pitted against each other to compete for the affection of a man they "fall in love" with after a week or two.

I call B.S.
It is complete crap.

So when my best friend, Koko, was hired as a makeup artist o the set of the most popular reality dating show, The One, I teased her mercilessly.
She told me that if I didn't stop teasing her, she would get me back.

And she did...

Which is how I ended up as a contestant on The One.

Guest Post

Love yourself. No one is going to love you the way you love you. – Tati Green
The aforementioned quote is from the contemporary romance novel, Work Song, which features plus-
size heroine Tatiana Green.

Love Yourself
By Danielle Allen

Your self-worth should never be predicated on how someone else views you. Your self-worth and self-esteem should never be based on how someone else feels about you. You set the price. You dictate your value. You decide your worth. No one else, but you. Do not put yourself on sale because someone else isn’t willing to pay full price. Knowing your worth keeps you from selling yourself short. Knowing your worth keeps you from settling. Knowing your worth keeps you from letting others have a negative impact on your self-esteem.
If your friend told you that you were dumb, would you feel good about that?
If your partner told you that you were ugly, would you be okay with that?
If your roommate told you that everything you put on made you look hideous, would you take that?
If your loved one told you that you were unlovable, would you take that?
If you wouldn’t tolerate that from someone else, why would you say negative things to yourself?
The relationship you have with yourself is the single most important relationship you will ever have. Think about the things you say to yourself. Think about the things you tell yourself in the mirror. Negative self-talk is a sure fire way to destroy your self-esteem. If you keep telling yourself how you aren’t pretty enough, smart enough, good enough, you’re going to start to believe it. So you need to stop.
Stop with the negative self-talk.
Stop with the excessive criticism.
Stop putting yourself down.
Just stop!
The relationship you have with yourself is vital because the way you treat yourself is the blueprint to how you will allow others to treat you. The way you love yourself will teach others how to love you.
So treat yourself well.
Take care of yourself.
Be kind to yourself.
Love yourself.
You deserve it.


Danielle Allen is a lover of football, fashion, film and fiction. From karaoke nights to vacationing and everything in between, she enjoys making the most out of the life in which she’s been blessed by living authentically and intentionally. Danielle spends her days teaching college students and her nights writing.

Danielle Allen is the author of the Back to Life Series (Back to Life, Back to Reality, Back to December*), Love Discovered in New York, Autumn & Summer, the Heartache Series (Heartache, Heartfelt, Heartless*), Work Song, The One, and the upcoming Nevermore.

*coming Winter 2016/2017

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