#DualReview: Dealer's Choice & Prisoner (#ContemporaryRomance)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Well, what was supposed to have been a podcast...I couldn't be bothered with. It just kept turning out to be not what I wanted to put out there (tipsy or nah, lols). Anyway's enjoy. 


Source: Author
Format: ePub
Series: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Yes, there is Sex
Available: Amazon | BN | +Goodreads (Shelf/Blurb It)

My Review

I honestly thought that this story had strong characters and a strong foundation but it did fall a bit flat for me. Mainly I thought we didn’t get a whole lot of our male character Jay. There was this mystery to him that was never explained and I was a bit disappointed in that aspect of the tale. My other issue was our female. I like Pace’s character enough, I just felt the whole back and forth with her feelings towards Jay were a bit much.

But again, I will say the foundation of the story is what saved it for me. Pace and Jay coming together again to find out what is going on with her brother was enough to keep me invested. The whole financial/SEC investigation theory was new to me and I like that.

All and all a decent story and it’s a short, quick read that will get you through a hour or two of well paced reading time.


Source: Author
Format: Mobi
Series: Criminals & Captives #1
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
Heat: Yes, there is sex
Available: Amazon | BN | +Goodreads (Blurb/Shelf It)

My Review

Here is what I'm tired of. The murderer, kidnapper, all around fudged up mudafudga in these dark romances. Something happened to them and now they have to return the favor to some helpless ass woman WHO just so happens to fall in love with him because yeah...there is something just so dangerous appealing about him (uhm...yeah, he’s a bad person cuz he did bad things...duh), oh and he’s drop dead gorgeous too *sigh*.  I don't want to turn this into a rant or a negative review because it's not that. I'm just kinda tired of these tropes.

I liked the characters enough but again, they were textbook people from jump. He (Grayson) saying how he wants to f**k her BUT she is just a ends to a means (him using her and her class to get out of jail). She's (Abby) having heart palpitations because she knows he wants her. And of course, she's innocent (which I felt she shouldn’t have been given the way she grew up but….) and should know better but she doesn't and she falls for him anyway.

It's a good story, well written and yeah there is suspense and its emotional. But I couldn't be moved by it all.  I’ve grown in my reading choices and if I want to read a dark romance, it would have to be a story that will changes the game for me, can’t say Prisoner did that for me.

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