My Very First Con!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Yas, yes honey I attended my first Con and I was fudging excited kay?!!!! SO! I went to the Walker Stalker Con in Edison NJ this rainy Saturday and it was a good day. Myself, my cousin, her daughter and boyfriend (my cousins) attended. My sister was suppose to go but couldn’t make it, her lost really.

It was a small venue because the joint where it was held was small compared to some of the other convention centers that are located in literally we walked a circle…

But with the vendors that were there to showcase their work and with some of the stars of the show and other shows at the event, it turned out pretty good.

Okay, now all of the stars from The Walking Dead weren’t there. Some were delayed and couldn’t make it and I think...believe that over the course of the 2 day event, they were showing up on different days, some on Saturday and some on Sunday. We’ll just talk about Saturday. Who showed up? (While I was there….)
Lennie James (Morgan)
Chandler Riggs (Carl)
Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha)
Lawrence Gilliard, Jr (Bob)
Chad Coleman (Tyrese)
Norman Reedus (Daryl)
Emily Kinney (Beth)
Michael Cudlitz (Abraham)
Christian Serratos (Rosita)

And to name a few others BUT the ones above were the most popular ESPECIALLY Darryl (Norman Reedus). Listen, ya’ll as much as I love his character on the show and he seems like a pretty cool dude, I’m not paying $100 bucks to see him/take a pic/or sign sumthing. Yes, you had to pay for pics and autographs which I figured is a standard at these cons. Lennie James was the lowest price, $30 bucks or a pic/autograph...everyone else $50 bucks & above. Let that sink in. L. J. was essentially looking out for his fans.  Listen, you already had to pay to get inside of the event which for general admission was $30 bucks BUT if you paid for VIP, it was $200 and you STILL had to pay for photos and autographs...yes, let that sink in. I love TV and I love the actors that play these characters but let me tell pay $200 bucks and still have to pay to take a pic with you….#comeonson.  All I’m saying is lower the price a bit.

Any ol hoo’s. We decided to to pics with Lennie James and Chander Riggs. One, I’m a huge fan of Lennie’s & my cousin Sophia is a fan of Chandler’s. So we pooled our resources together and took some pics..

First up was Chandler Riggs/Carl. My cousin Sophia REALLY wanted to see him so we did. He was pretty cool, engaged with the folks in his line (mostly young girls about to pass out from the just the sight of him, lols). And he pretty much stayed at his booth all day to talk with the folks on the floor.

I had to get  a pic with Morgan. And before you folks come talking about his character...yes, I was frustrated with Morgan BUT the dude that plays him...Lennie J is just wonderful! His line was long as hell and it moved slow BUT that man talked to each and every fan that came up to his table. Took as many pics as you requested. HE WAS FUCKING AWESOME.  I mean, he asked your name, where you from...just so engaging. And he and my cousin’s bf kinda had a bro bond...they both are from the islands.

In short, it was really fun. We really did enjoy ourselves and we got to see some folk cosplay some of the characters from the show and others (I’ll show some other pics). There were also some actors there from Fear of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad too.  

So do I plan on going again? Hell yes and I really want to go to other cons too. I didn’t know my cousin Sophia was into stuff like this so now I have someone to go with and we can drag her mom & her boyfriend along with us, lmaooo!

There were more pics but I didn't want to get to crazy with this post, lols. I also Facebook lived some of the event and summed up out the day at the end with another live video, that one I uploaded via Youtube...take a look :D. Don't mind our cussing and rowdiness, it was all in the name of fun. Tyler James was a bit of a ahole though....

**all these pics are the property of BBR & myself. Please don't lift them from this page....

Happy Sunday!

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