Summer Reading List #1 (#Podcast)

*this was done on my phone as my laptops battery has finally given out so I have to wait until next week to get a new one. Technology is not your friend all the time….

Almost everyone has a summer reading list but some of those lists lack IMO…..diverse books and if they somehow include diversity, authors of color are sorely missing. So I wanted to share some books that I came across and will for sure be reading this lloooooonnnngggggg hot as summer.

This will be a podcast so take a listen. The books are listed below with their perspective  links to Goodreads should you want to add them.

Also, my list mainly contains books by black authors. I will be doing a part 2 which will lists ebooks BUT should you have a book you would like to add that are written by other AOC (Asian, Latino, etc) send an email to or comment below the post. If the book isn't in ebook format, no worries. All genres are welcome.

The site I mentioned to find discount paperback & hardcover books: Thrift Books

That's is for now, until the next list.

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