Author-Character Interview with Ayesha Shoulders

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hiya Guys,

Please welcome Ayesha Shoulders to the blog. She is a new to us author and we are first going to start of with our interview and then you can take a look at the books she currently has out.

1.   Hi Ayesha! Tell our readers a little about yourself and what stories you write?
I’m a go-getter who is not afraid of a challenge! If you want to try a new roller coaster that has a high drop, then I’m the one you want to call. However, in all honesty, I’ll also be the one gripping your arm the entire way up telling you how scared I am…but I’ll still get on! J
In addition, I’m passionate about writing jaw-dropping contemporary fiction that leaves behind a message to inspire readers. I want my books to reside with a reader well beyond the last chapter.

2.   What Genre would you consider your books a part of?
My first book When it’s Time to Walk Away is contemporary women’s fiction; however, I tapped into my romantic side when I wrote my latest novel When Love’s Knot Enough. This book is contemporary romance and I look forward to writing more as a romance writer.

3.   Indie writing is becoming extremely huge of late, tell us about your experience?
I had self-published my first novel, and I’m glad that I did. It gave me the opportunity to experience publication from a managerial side.  I had to make time for a lot of research before making final decisions, which has equipped me with the experience I need today to promote myself as an indie author. Thus far, I have no complaints. I’ve been fortunate to have made some wonderful connections that have produced great networking opportunities with other authors, book clubs, and author appearances.

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