#AnimeReview: Vampire Knight

Friday, September 30, 2016

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Animation, Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Manga: Matsuri Hino
TV Show: Viz Media - Now Streaming on Hulu (Dub & Sub)
Season 1, 13 Episodes

My Thoughts

I’ve been dipping more into Hulu and Netflix because I can’t take regular TV right now especially during this election cycle. Anyhoo’s after watching Penny Dreadful (which I need to hurry up and finish), I saw Vampire Knight on Hulu. Now usually with this genre of anime, I try to avoid because it's geared more I think towards the younger crowds but at times, you can catch some anime's and although the characters are written as youngins, they have also have an adult appeal to them and the story plot. This is what Vampire Knight has so after watching the 1st episode, I decided to continue with the series.

The story centers around Yuki Horie, a student at Cross Academy. The academy teaches humans during the day and vampires at night. Yuki and her best friend Zero are on a committee (and it's really just them two) that keeps the peace between the human and vampire students. Although, many of the humans (mainly the girls) try their best to get the vamps attention. Yuki was also saved as a little girl by the head of the vampire students Kaname Kuran. She was about to be attacked by a rogue vampire when he pretty much stepped in and killed the thing. This is how Yuki ends up at Cross Academy, Kaname takes her there because he knows the headmaster. Headmaster Kaien Cross wants peace between humans and vampires hence the academy is created. He and Kaname are working together to keep this fragile peace as you have humans, vampire hunters and the vampire senate who would like a little shake up.

Okay, there is a very intricate story plot with Vampire Knight. It felt like more of a romance drama though but there is action as well. You have a love triangle going on between Yuki, Kaname and Zero. From what I’ve seen so far, there is a strong connection between Yuki and Kaname. And now Yuki is having these flashbacks of her past of when she was a little girl so I think this is going to lead to us finding out about her parents who she thinks abandoned her. Kaname definitely knows more that what he is letting on. He’s very powerful and also protective of Yuki so yeah, I get the feeling he knows more about her than he’s telling. Kaname is very old, I believe when I started they said he was 10,000 years old and he's a pure-blood vampire so if he knows about Yuki past, is she a vampire too? I’m getting impatient to find out, lols.

Zero and Yuki grew up with each other after Zero came to the academy as a boy, his parents who were vampire hunters were killed. Zero hates and I mean hates vampires. He also loves Yuki. So as you can imagine, her having feelings towards Kaname is complicating the shit out of everything. Now check it, Zero was also turned into a vampire by another pure-blood during the attack on his parents. Zero has to be the most tortured ass vampire I’ve ever watched. He walks around hating his life, he wants to dies. He loves Yuki but pushes her away because he doesn’t “want to hurt her” (although he done sucked her blood too many times for my taste…..). Lort, I just want him to accept his fate and come out of the darkness because he is working my damn nerves. Zero also has a twin who is has come back in the picture. His twin Ichiru hates Zero because he was turned into a vampire by the woman who killed their parents. Ichiru loved this woman and wanted to be a vampire too. But he was always jealous of Zero because he felt that Zero received all the attention from their parents and their mentor. Ichiru was seen as the weaker twin. So I really want to see where this story goes with these two brothers. I think they're going to have a stand-off.

Yuki, lort have mercy on me because Yuki? Good gravy ya'll she frustrates the mess out of me the most. She is the typical heroine who is at this point in the story is TSTL (To Stupid To Live). She wants to save everybody and doesn't know how to.

She knows for sure she is in love with Kaname and she also feels their connection. But I think she is catching feelings for Zero too or maybe not, I don’t know at this point. Every time there is a little action, here she go running to help and ends up turning into the damsel in distress. I mean this chick has a weapon that kills Vampires (so does Zero) and I haven’t seen her ass use it correctly yet. Why is she even here? I don’t even know but if they don’t change her character soon...I’m screaming foul. These two dudes don’t deserve her, nope!

Where are we now? Kaname is playing some game and he’s taking people out in the process. What game is he playing, I can’t tell but he’s gaining more powers and he’s not hesitating to kill anyone who gets in his way. Hell, he only kept Zero alive because he doesn’t want to hurt Yuki, now if that ain't some fudged up shit I don't’ know what is. Because Zero can’t stand Kaname’s ass. So Kaname holding shit over his head is like
BUT Zero also knows he can’t beat Kaname. Oh, he talks a good game but I feel like beneath all that bravado, he knows Kaname will kick all of his ass, lols. Anyhoo’s something ominous is coming, I feel it. Kaname’s crazy Uncle has returned in the form as one of the students at the night academy so it will be interesting to see what comes out of that. That Uncle looks like a ol crooked son of a ho’ so idk. Also, one of Kaname’s friends knows he killed another pure-blood which is forbidden by Vampire Law. I don’t know what’s going to happen with that situation, but I’m nervous for the friend.

I think I’ll do separate post updates as I watch the remaining episodes because this is a long ass post and my fingers hurt so yeah, that would probably be better, lols. Until next time.


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#MovieReview: The Magnificent Seven

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Magnificent Seven Poster

Forewarning, the word *shit* in this review, a lot :D

I ain't gonna lie, this was a good ass re-make and I don't care what the critics say, GO SEE THIS MOVIE YOURSELF.

Now, I love Westerns...the older ones anyway. I can remember sitting at the end of my Grandmother's bed watching TV shows with her and that woman loved her some Westerns. So when I saw the Trailer for The Magnificent Seven and you know Denzel too, I was like okay!

The Magnificent Seven is a remake of the 1960 western classic. I'm not much of a fan of remakes. Sometimes, there awesome (like this one) and sometimes you wish producers would have left the classic on it's shelf. In a nutshell, you have Seven men saving the town of Rose Creek, a mining town that has been taken over by rich greedy sumabastard Bartholomew Bogue. He don't care about nobody and proves it my enslaving the miners that work for him and terrorizing the citizen of this small town. Mr. Bogue is only interested in one thing...money and he'll kill anybody to get his hands on it. After Bogue squeezing more life out of Rose Creek one of its citizens has had enough. Emma Cullen (Haley Bennett) has lost everything and she basically wants revenge. After seeing Sam Chisolm (Denzel Washington) take out a whole saloon (he's a warrant/peace officer from the good ol state of Kentucky), she hires him to assist her in taking Rose Creek back from Bogue. Chisolm eventually assembles the rest of the Seven which comprise of:

Josh Faraday (Chris Pratt) - The Gambler amd sorta the comic relief of the group
Vasquez (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) - The Outlaw, was one of Chisolm's bounties but ends up helping the group
Jack Horne(Vicent D'Onofrio) - The Tracker, Bible quoting killer, a lil crazy
Goodnight Robicheaux (Ethan Hawke) - The Sharpshooter, ex confederate solider living with PTSD. He also knows Sam.
Billy Rocks - (Byung-hun Lee) - The Assasin, Goodnight's right hand man and very lethal
Red Harvest (Martin Sensmeier) - The Warrior, a lone Comanche who becomes Sam's right hand man

The movie is beautifully done for a Western. The scenes and stunts gave me a lady boner. Let me find out Denzel did his own damb stunts cause that horse trick in that one scene?.....son!

Even though these are some shady guys that Emma has hired to help her, you know that each of them as a hard story behind them. Anton Fuqua doesn't go into their pasts much, just little tellings here and there BUT you know these guys have been through some tough shit. What binds them together are their dark pasts and doing right for the people who can't fight for themselves. And yeah they want to also kick ass, shoot the shit out folks and blow shit up. This is a western people!

What also makes this movie out of the damn world is the diversity of this cast. You have four dammit, FOUR MOC in leading roles and btw acted their asses off, they were the shit. All of the actors were outstanding. Each actor played their parts with an intensity that breathes through the film. They truly bought this movie together. You are cheering for them to win. You see this band of men who really have no reason to help this town and barely trust one another but by the end of it all, you see a bond and brotherhood that quickly come to fruition, which makes the taking back of Rose Creek bittersweet and sad.

The ending. Seems Sam wanted his own revenge. And not to give anything away but in three words? This ending....hmmm, you will feel panicky, scared and relieved. It's pretty much going to fuck your feelings up but to give you some reprieve, it's not all sadness here. There are some very humorous moments as well.

That's what I love about Mr. Fuqua's movies, he has a way of making you feel like you know how his movie is going to end and then you end of feeling like...

Because I kinda knew there was more to Chisolm but you know as the movie went on, I was like okay maybe not but Mr Fuqua? Son?!

All and all, I say go see it. It's worth seeing on the big screen and when this sucker comes out of DVD, I'm getting it. Shit, I can't miss out on all that lovely male gaze. Listen when each and er one of the Seven walked on screen, I was like...

Magnificent Seven is THAT movie that lets Hollywood know that diversity in movies are done and they are done fucking well.


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#BookReview : A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Promise of Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles #1)

Source: Amazon Purchase
Format: MOBI
Series: Kingmaker Chronicles #1
Author: Amanda Bouchet
Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy
Heat: Very little in this installment
Available: Amazon | Goodreads

My Review

A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet… I could tell I was going to like this book just from the authors first name *wink wink*... is the first in a highly recommend new series called the Kingmaker Chronicles. I had been hearing about this book figured I’d give it a try someday but when Nalini Singh recommends it in her monthly newsletter you move it up on your TBR pile and thats exactly what I did. I do not regret this move in the least as I really enjoyed this book. It’s quite long for a typical romance at 448 pages which allows for really in depth world building.

You can all but envision the landscapes as you are traveling along with Cat and Griffin. They spend several weeks on the road. The world building was captivating and the characters interesting. Each character had a fully developed personality, even ones that you never technically met. We don’t meet the queen of Fisa technically but you definitely know that she is a mommy dearest and will never win mother of the year.

Cat is awesome! She is totally kick ass, has a full arsenal of kick ass skills including magic not related to Kingmaker skills. On top of her kicking ass skills, she’s snarky and funny. She gives Griffin and his guard tons of shit for kidnapping her and I like that while she left with them to protect her “family” she never lets them forget she is not happy about it. I think one of my favorite parts is when she accidently get intoxicated. It’s quite funny. Griffin, is a warlord and he never lets Cat forget that. Against all odds he won his new kingdom against the magic users and this is the first that has ever happened. Now he has to hold his territory and to do that, he needs Cat’s skills; whether she wants to or not. Griffin knows he’s attracted to Cat but as they continue to travel it develops into more, even in Cat wants to deny it.

This tale was action packed and quite steamy for an Urban Fantasy like book. Or is it Fantasy no Urban. Who knows. Whatever it is, I liked it. There is a lot of mythology which I always enjoy but I was a bit confused why the author chose to use existing Greek Mythology in a fantasy world. I kept drawing parallels between this fantasy world and the real world. Maybe she was trying to give us something familiar among all the new but I would have liked to see some made up Gods instead of the Greek Gods. But that is my personal opinion, I’m sure many others will have no problem with this at all.
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#AudioBookReview: Chained by Elise Marion

Friday, September 23, 2016

Source: Purchased
Format: Audio (Audible)
Series: The Chained Trilogy
Heat: Medium, Nothing To Heavy
Genre: Historical Romance
Author: Elise Marion
Available: BN | Amazon | +Goodreads
Rating: 5 Brazen Babes

My Review

Okay to begin, why is there a part 2? Y'all know I'm mad, lols. Like just when the story is getting damned good...it ends! Father Gawd, why?! lols. This is why I can do without cliffhangers sometimes. Le sigh, let's get serious then.

Chained started off slow for me because throughout it, I wanted someone to catch some sense about themselves and see that there was a setup going on BUT we wouldn't have a story if everything was figured out early now would we?

The medieval setting of chained was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that this author added characters of color. I'm saying I know we existed back in those days although we rarely see books where we do and if we are in those books, we aren't Kings, Queens or even highborn. No, we are always less than so  big thank you to this author for taking up the task to make us more in Chained.

Gwen and Caden were both likable characters. Gwen was strong, fierce and very smart but there were times during the story, I wanted to shake the mess out of her, lols. And I liked the fact that she just didn't want to settle into a loveless marriage, that she wanted more for herself. She was also willing to admit to her mistakes, which a lot of folk in Chained seemed to have a aversion too. Gwen knows there is more going on than what's on the surface when Caden and his men are brought to her. She intends to figure it all out but she did not intend to fall for Caden either.

Caden was the typical knight but he was smart and did not rush to judgment when the mess hit the fan. No he was calm and collective, another thing some folks in this story seemed to have an aversion too as well. Caden knew something was amiss, that a piece of the puzzle was missing. There was peace throughout the realm for decades, why would anyone go through such lengths to start war between his and Gwen's houses is what he needed to figure out even if it causes him to lose Gwen's trust and love.

Chained is an intricate story to get through. There are many things to remember, like all of the different houses and who belonged to them. I was a bit perturbed by some of the repetitiveness throughout the story but as a I listened more, I begin to appreciate it because as I said, there is a lot to take in. This author also does not skim on the blood, gore and death. The brutality of those days are strong within the pages of Chained.

Gwen and Caden are at an impasse right now. He started off as her prisoner and now she is his. Will this new turn of events quench the new love that our couple knows that's there? We shall see. Hence, we get a second book and I'm kinda not happy but am because we do, lols.

So yes, Ms. Marion I've added Bound to my wishlist.

As for the narrator's voice, I liked it enough and he kept me entertained while listening. I could however, did without his interpretations of the female voices...he totally ruined my image of Gwen and the others. This audio probably would have benefited more with dual narrators.

Chained is a great historical read and I highly recommend it if you are a fan of diverse historical romances.


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#BookReview : The Dom Around The Corner by Christine d'Abo

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Dom Around The Corner

Source: Net Galley
Format: ePub
Series: Escape #1
Author: Christine d'Abo
Genre: M/M BDSM
Heat: Scorching Hot 
Available: Amazon | Goodreads

My Review

The Dom Around the Corner by Christine d’Abo is a re-release, it was originally published in 2010 and per d’Abos note in the book she felt like she has grown as a writer and found a new home for this publication. I’ve been reading d’Abo for a few years and almost always enjoy her stories. Some I like better than others but it’s rare that I don’t like one at all. This one is a M/M D/s tale and I am not new to either genre, but if you are new to these genre’s you might not want to start here because it is fairly explicit and details. You might want to ease into these sexy times. It’s a pretty short book so there isn’t a ton of character building but you get a pretty good sense of whom these characters are. Simon is our Dom and he definitely likes his control so it’s killing him that his business is failing so he works night and day to the detriment of his social life. It takes some needling from his cousin to get him to go out and get his “escape”. I found Simon a bit wishy washy and half the time he didn’t see to know what he wanted. I like Gavin better as a character, he is fighting some serious shit so I understand why he acts the way he does. Overall, it was a quick enjoyable read. I’d give it a 3.5 rating.

Review copy was provided through NetGalley for an honest review, no other compensation was provided.

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#GuestReview by @sophiarose1816 : Ritual Magic by Eileen Wilks

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hi Guys! We have a guest review today. Please welcome Sophia Rose from Delighted Reader blog as she reviews Ritual Magic.

Format: Paperback
Series: #10 World of the Lupi
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Author: Eileen Wilks
Publisher:  Berkley
Published: 9.13.13
Pages:  417
Rating:  4
Flames: 3
Source:  Self Purchased
Available:  Amazon | BN | ARe | +Goodreads

Sophia's Review

First of all, thank you so much to Ana and Sharonda for the opportunity to do a review at Brazen Babes.  I enjoy visiting their blog and reading the posts and it’s a pleasure to be their guest.  I know that diversity is a strong element at Brazen Babes so I have chosen one of my favorite diversity-rich Urban Fantasy series reads of the year to share with other readers.
Each year, I challenge myself to read through a series to either finish it or get up to date.  This year’s series is Eileen Wilk’s World of the Lupi - an urban fantasy series for the mystery and romance lover.  It showcases her brilliant werewolf culture, but includes fey and demon realm races with gods and goddesses, dragons and magic wielding humans.  Her characters are drawn with depth and her main characters pull the reader in for an intimate experience like a visit with old friends.
In this latest installment which is the tenth in the series that must be read in order, Rule and Lily are at the eve of their wedding.  They are helping to celebrate Lily’s mother’s birthday when things go dreadfully wrong.  Julia Yu leaves the table at her favorite Chinese restaurant to visit the ladies’ room and comes out missing all her memories save the first twelve years of her life.
Lily and her family are devastated, but it gets worse, more memory loss victims begin turning up.  Some experience less loss and some more, but all of them have minds that are deteriorating including Julia Yu’s.  Then a ritual death is discovered hinting at uber dark magic and ill intent.  Lily’s suspicions are that her old nemesis, Robert Prior, is behind it all.  With everything going on around her, she struggles to work the case and time is running out for the memory loss victims.  The clues lead Lily, Rule, and the others to see that worse is yet to come- much worse, if they can’t figure out what is causing it all and how to stop it.
I dove into this book and barely surfaced from it until the end.  Lily and Rule along with their friends and family have gone through so much since the secret war began when a crazed goddess and her followers set out to destroy the Lupi and take over the world, but this latest situation is personal.  Lily is forced to re-evaluate so many things about her relationship with her family and learns that, though she and her mother are generally at odds, she needs Julia Yu in her life.  Lily learns why her mother is so staunch about their Chinese culture and her conservative ways when she gets to see her mother as a young girl and learns about her early life before her marriage and family.  Lily and Rule both learn the value of not shutting each other out during times of personal crisis and that they really need each other most at that time.  They have come so far in their relationship and now on the eve of their wedding both whole-heartedly want that life together.  They are as passionate as ever.  Rule adores his strong lady cop and is proud of Lily content to work alongside her.  Lily is amazed every day that the handsome lupi alpha wants her and her inflexible, driven ways.
But as always there is a paranormal murder mystery, a dire situation, and dangerous, deadly enemies to combat in a series of action scenes that keep the reader flipping pages.
In summary, this was another unputdownable installment to the series and I highly recommend it to those who want a complex Urban Fantasy series with great background and setting, well-written characters and a blend of plot elements including the paranormal, mystery, and romance.

Many thanks to Sophia for stopping by BnB Reviews!

About Sophia:
Sophia is a quiet though curious gal who dabbles in cooking, book reviewing, and gardening. Encouraged and supported by an incredible man and loving family. A Northern Californian transplant to the Great Lakes Region of the US. Lover of Jane Austen, Baseball, Cats, Scooby Doo, and Chocolate.  Associate Reviewer for Delighted Reader blog

Where You Can Find via Social Media: Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter

Note: if you're interested in guest reviewing via our blog, hit us up at brazenbabereviews@gmail.com. 

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#BookReview: Every Beat Of My Heart by Kianna Alexander

Monday, September 19, 2016

Source: NetGalley via Publisher
Format: ARC, Mobi (Kindle)
Series: The Gentlemen of Queen City
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Available: BN | Amazon | + Goodreads
Rating: 3 Brazen Babes

My Review

Okay, I changed my rating on this one about three times. I'm finally going to settle on three stars, mainly because the writing was excellent.

The characters? Not so much and this pertains mostly to Lina, our female lead.

She.was.doing.the.most. Ugh, she was annoying as heck. Like I totally understand being not so trusting of men after your ex-husband plays you BUT good gawd almighty...to hold every man accountable for his errors is a bit much. Listen, I've been down that road but I'm not going to make the men after my no account ex suffer because he was a jackass. This was Lina in a nutshell, difference is Rashad was a good dude and IMO, the relationship couldn't go anywhere because of her trust issues. So many times, I caught myself saying *Girl, if you don’t get your life?!*

Of course the man couldn't tell you about him being a trust fund baby...you was down his throat about women just looking at him EVEN when he wasn't doing anything. The man was in a band so yeah, he was going to have some women fawn over him...it wasn't like he was dipping his willy in everything, geesh.

I liked Rashad but I felt like the author kinda wimped him out a bit. He was always with the "baby, baby please" with Lina. Always had to appease her...make her understand that he only wanted to be with her. Shoot, I was exhausted on his behalf. Goodness, she was tiring.

Anyhoo's, the writing was compelling enough for me to finish even though I wanted to tap out of this one early. Plus I enjoyed how this ex-lover's back to lovers relationship played out around them bidding on a piano that was owned by famous jazz musician Thelonious Monk.

All and all, this is a good enough story if you can stand a heroine that is going to work your nerves as you read. 


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#EarlyReview : Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Her Halloween Treat (Men at Work, #1)
Source: Net Galley
Format: ePub
Series: Men at Work #1
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Hot, Hot, Hot
Available: Amazon | Goodreads

My Review

Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz in the first book in a new contemporary romance series that will consist of three books. They all take place in Mount Hood, Oregon; where Ms. Reisz lives. On a side note: I’ve been through the area and it is absolutely beautiful and Mt. Hood is coincidentally my phones screensaver. I have read and am a fan of Tiffany Reisz’s Original Series so her works are very familiar to me. 

What you can count on with this book, hot, sexy with a bit of kinky love scenes. Witty banter with some laugh out loud moments. Warm genuine characters that you could totally see yourself being friends with and an awesome supporting cast. This book had everything I enjoy when reading a romance, it was adorable and the chances are very high that I will be re-reading this book in the very near future.

Joey has been hit with some crappy news that makes her question her own judgement, but despite that she rallied herself together and does the best she can to get over her ex douchebag. She’s known Chris most of her life and she doesn’t remember him looking so good. But there he his in all of his manliness and flannel and power tools. Chris is staring at the girl that he fell in love with in High School, she needs to get under a man to get over another one, and he’s alright with her using his body for anything she needs. He knows his heart will get broken but he goes all in anyway. Gotta admire that in a man. We are taken on a 2 week whirlwind of laughs and steamy sex. You really start to root for Chris and hope his heart won't be broken in the end. I highly recommend this book, I loved it from the first few pages. I really hope that Ms. Reisz revisits this series sometime and gives Joey’s best friend a book, she was hilarious.

ARC was provided through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

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#EarlyReview : Vice by Genevieve Jack

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Source: Net Galley
Format: ePub
Series: Knight World #1
Author: Genevieve Jack
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat: Yes, there is Sex
Available: Amazon | Goodreads

My Review

Vice by Genevieve Jack is the first in a new series featuring werewolves and other supernatural creatures. I believe it is a spin off of an early series which I had not read, but that is ok, I dont believe that you would have had to read any of her other novels to get this one. That being said, I have read one other book by Ms. Jack several years ago. (The Ghost and the Graveyard) I quite enjoyed this book which is why I requested this one when I saw it on NetGalley. I do enjoy me some werewolves, so why not???

So my thoughts on this one. About 30% of the way through the book, I have to admit I was a bit worried. Our heros of this novel had really only exchanged a handful of sentences at this point and maybe a page together. So I was concerned with so little interaction how I was going to buy into the love story. While I still think the pacing of the beginning of this book is off, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised on how Ms. Jack was able to pull out the love story. The couple end up spending about a month together, getting to know each other, so its not like BAM they’re in insta-love. There was a whole bunch of BAM insta-lust, but I am definitely ok with that.

Laina is pretty feisty and an alpha personality. Even though her brother is technically the alpha she puts up a pretty good fight and knows her mind. Kyle is surprisingly sweet, he has a rep of being a playboy but with these things rumors are not often true. He’s a bit of a romantic and has no problem with Liana’s alpha tendencies and in fact encourages them. The story was pretty interesting and it was a quick read. I enjoyed my time with this novel and wouldnt have any problems reading the next book in the series. Oh and a bonus with this book, I found out who Grateful from The Ghost and the Graveyard picked. Yay!

ARC Copy was provided through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

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#BookReview: Pulling Doubles by Christina C. Jones

Monday, September 12, 2016

Source: Borrowed via Kindle Unlimited
Format: Mobi (Kindle)
Series: Wright Brothers #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Medium-Strong Sexual Content
Available: Amazon | +Goodreads
Rating: 5 Brazen Babes

My Review

Another awesome ass read by Christina C. Jones. Bitch! you betta keep fucking it up!

Ghurl! One, let me just start off by saying I love the absolute realness of these characters. Their mannerisms just incorporates everyday blackness. This author just does it for me and yeah, I only read so far two books by her But man listen... I'm a fan.

In this 2nd installment of the Wright Brothers series, we get Joseph or Joey for short. He's  the oldest and a doctor...a *pussy doctor* lmao! His love interest is Devyn, she is best friend to the heroine from our 1st Wright brother story. Joseph, which I will be calling him throughout this review because I have a cousin named Joey and it took all my will not to picture his face while reading this story especially the sexy scenes. BUT, I is a professional blogger/reader so I...yeah, let's just get to this review..lols.

Joseph as I was saying is a doctor who is training a new nurse practitioner that his hospital has hired. He got it hard for her and is picking on the poor woman like some middle school-er with his first crush. In all honesty, I think Devyn (the np) had a lady boner for Joseph too, which is why I think she couldn't stand his butt to much in the beginning either, lols.

BUT somehow, someway these two manage to get through Pulling Doubles without cussing each other out. They did however take care of those sexual frustrations which led up to a whole nother events which led up to me enjoying the mess out of this book!

Joseph & Devyn may have wanted to fight the attraction that was so damn obvious between them but thank ghawd for our secondary characters! We have some folks from the 1st book returning and I was glad to see them.

This couple wasn't fooling anybody and I'm happy they got their HEA. Anyolhoo's another great addition to the Wright Brothers series.

Keep them coming Ms Jones.


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#BookReview: Serving Pleasure by Alisha Rai

Friday, September 9, 2016

Source: ARC via NetGalley
Format: Mobi
Series: Pleasure #2
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Alisha Rai
Available: BN | Amazon | +Goodreads
Rating: 3 Brazen Babes

My Review

Good story and strong writing from this author.  

Serving Pleasure was again good, but IMO Rana & Micah were your typical romantic characters in your typical contemporary romance. Both damaged in some way and because of said damage, they fight this ever blooming romance between them to the end.

Rana is looking for love but wants marriage because she wants her mama's approval. Micah who is still recovering from a brutal attack feels he isn't capable of giving or receiving love.

Although there is a right amount of tension, drama and sexy times added along with the diversity of this cast...it's enough to keep the reader invested but still, this is a predictable story.

Maybe it's me becoming a bit jaded with contemporary romances, even with a diverse cast...seems like the premise of these stories are all kinda blurring together. Anywhoo's this isn’t to take away from Ms. Rai’s writing which is well done and again I was engaged, I just needed more....


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#EarlyBookReview : Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Magic Binds (Kate Daniels, #9)

Source: Net Galley
Format: ePub
Series: Kate Daniels #9
Author: Ilona Andrews
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Heat: Lower on the heat scale
Available: Amazon | +Goodreads

My Review

Let me just start by saying that the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews is one of my favorite if not most favorite Urban Fantasy series. I don't think the husband and wife writing duo has ever written anything that I haven't enjoyed. When you pick up one of their novels you know you are going to get a quality, smart, engaging novel. So to say that readers of Ilona Andrews have high expectations anytime they put something out is an understatement. Magic Binds continues to deliver in true Ilona Andrews fashion.

So in this novel Kate has claimed the city and is still working out all that means. In this book she learns a lot about this particular subject. She finds a teacher/ally in the most likely of places. It is very important that Kate learns as much as she can in a short of a period as she can as she has two very unacceptable scenarios/visions looming over her head. Her future looks bleak and needs to do something drastic to change her future.

I’d say in the past books most of the battles have been physical. Kate whacking away with her sword or blowing things up. Curran right beside her ripping enemies limb for limb. In this book it's more of an internal struggle. Kate is changing and not for the better. Her power is growing exponentially after the claiming and that power is greedy. She struggles to maintain who she is all while trying to figure out a way to avoid her near future, all while planning a wedding.. Or not planning as it were. (I have to say I quite enjoy their choice of officator for their nuptials.. He made the planning quite entertaining). Kate also has to learn how to let go of some of the reins when it comes to Julie. It’s a lot of emotion with some action thrown in. We do get an epic battle at the end so worry not my friends even tho it’s not as action packed as some of the previous books there is still action to be had. :)

*ARC copy was provided through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.


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