#AnimeReview: Vampire Knight

Friday, September 30, 2016

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Animation, Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Manga: Matsuri Hino
TV Show: Viz Media - Now Streaming on Hulu (Dub & Sub)
Season 1, 13 Episodes

My Thoughts

I’ve been dipping more into Hulu and Netflix because I can’t take regular TV right now especially during this election cycle. Anyhoo’s after watching Penny Dreadful (which I need to hurry up and finish), I saw Vampire Knight on Hulu. Now usually with this genre of anime, I try to avoid because it's geared more I think towards the younger crowds but at times, you can catch some anime's and although the characters are written as youngins, they have also have an adult appeal to them and the story plot. This is what Vampire Knight has so after watching the 1st episode, I decided to continue with the series.

The story centers around Yuki Horie, a student at Cross Academy. The academy teaches humans during the day and vampires at night. Yuki and her best friend Zero are on a committee (and it's really just them two) that keeps the peace between the human and vampire students. Although, many of the humans (mainly the girls) try their best to get the vamps attention. Yuki was also saved as a little girl by the head of the vampire students Kaname Kuran. She was about to be attacked by a rogue vampire when he pretty much stepped in and killed the thing. This is how Yuki ends up at Cross Academy, Kaname takes her there because he knows the headmaster. Headmaster Kaien Cross wants peace between humans and vampires hence the academy is created. He and Kaname are working together to keep this fragile peace as you have humans, vampire hunters and the vampire senate who would like a little shake up.

Okay, there is a very intricate story plot with Vampire Knight. It felt like more of a romance drama though but there is action as well. You have a love triangle going on between Yuki, Kaname and Zero. From what I’ve seen so far, there is a strong connection between Yuki and Kaname. And now Yuki is having these flashbacks of her past of when she was a little girl so I think this is going to lead to us finding out about her parents who she thinks abandoned her. Kaname definitely knows more that what he is letting on. He’s very powerful and also protective of Yuki so yeah, I get the feeling he knows more about her than he’s telling. Kaname is very old, I believe when I started they said he was 10,000 years old and he's a pure-blood vampire so if he knows about Yuki past, is she a vampire too? I’m getting impatient to find out, lols.

Zero and Yuki grew up with each other after Zero came to the academy as a boy, his parents who were vampire hunters were killed. Zero hates and I mean hates vampires. He also loves Yuki. So as you can imagine, her having feelings towards Kaname is complicating the shit out of everything. Now check it, Zero was also turned into a vampire by another pure-blood during the attack on his parents. Zero has to be the most tortured ass vampire I’ve ever watched. He walks around hating his life, he wants to dies. He loves Yuki but pushes her away because he doesn’t “want to hurt her” (although he done sucked her blood too many times for my taste…..). Lort, I just want him to accept his fate and come out of the darkness because he is working my damn nerves. Zero also has a twin who is has come back in the picture. His twin Ichiru hates Zero because he was turned into a vampire by the woman who killed their parents. Ichiru loved this woman and wanted to be a vampire too. But he was always jealous of Zero because he felt that Zero received all the attention from their parents and their mentor. Ichiru was seen as the weaker twin. So I really want to see where this story goes with these two brothers. I think they're going to have a stand-off.

Yuki, lort have mercy on me because Yuki? Good gravy ya'll she frustrates the mess out of me the most. She is the typical heroine who is at this point in the story is TSTL (To Stupid To Live). She wants to save everybody and doesn't know how to.

She knows for sure she is in love with Kaname and she also feels their connection. But I think she is catching feelings for Zero too or maybe not, I don’t know at this point. Every time there is a little action, here she go running to help and ends up turning into the damsel in distress. I mean this chick has a weapon that kills Vampires (so does Zero) and I haven’t seen her ass use it correctly yet. Why is she even here? I don’t even know but if they don’t change her character soon...I’m screaming foul. These two dudes don’t deserve her, nope!

Where are we now? Kaname is playing some game and he’s taking people out in the process. What game is he playing, I can’t tell but he’s gaining more powers and he’s not hesitating to kill anyone who gets in his way. Hell, he only kept Zero alive because he doesn’t want to hurt Yuki, now if that ain't some fudged up shit I don't’ know what is. Because Zero can’t stand Kaname’s ass. So Kaname holding shit over his head is like
BUT Zero also knows he can’t beat Kaname. Oh, he talks a good game but I feel like beneath all that bravado, he knows Kaname will kick all of his ass, lols. Anyhoo’s something ominous is coming, I feel it. Kaname’s crazy Uncle has returned in the form as one of the students at the night academy so it will be interesting to see what comes out of that. That Uncle looks like a ol crooked son of a ho’ so idk. Also, one of Kaname’s friends knows he killed another pure-blood which is forbidden by Vampire Law. I don’t know what’s going to happen with that situation, but I’m nervous for the friend.

I think I’ll do separate post updates as I watch the remaining episodes because this is a long ass post and my fingers hurt so yeah, that would probably be better, lols. Until next time.


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  1. Oh girl, it's been forever since I watched an anime!!

    1. I'm slowly getting back into watching them more. And a friend of mines has been recommending some pretty good ones too