#AudioBookReview: Chained by Elise Marion

Friday, September 23, 2016

Source: Purchased
Format: Audio (Audible)
Series: The Chained Trilogy
Heat: Medium, Nothing To Heavy
Genre: Historical Romance
Author: Elise Marion
Available: BN | Amazon | +Goodreads
Rating: 5 Brazen Babes

My Review

Okay to begin, why is there a part 2? Y'all know I'm mad, lols. Like just when the story is getting damned good...it ends! Father Gawd, why?! lols. This is why I can do without cliffhangers sometimes. Le sigh, let's get serious then.

Chained started off slow for me because throughout it, I wanted someone to catch some sense about themselves and see that there was a setup going on BUT we wouldn't have a story if everything was figured out early now would we?

The medieval setting of chained was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that this author added characters of color. I'm saying I know we existed back in those days although we rarely see books where we do and if we are in those books, we aren't Kings, Queens or even highborn. No, we are always less than so  big thank you to this author for taking up the task to make us more in Chained.

Gwen and Caden were both likable characters. Gwen was strong, fierce and very smart but there were times during the story, I wanted to shake the mess out of her, lols. And I liked the fact that she just didn't want to settle into a loveless marriage, that she wanted more for herself. She was also willing to admit to her mistakes, which a lot of folk in Chained seemed to have a aversion too. Gwen knows there is more going on than what's on the surface when Caden and his men are brought to her. She intends to figure it all out but she did not intend to fall for Caden either.

Caden was the typical knight but he was smart and did not rush to judgment when the mess hit the fan. No he was calm and collective, another thing some folks in this story seemed to have an aversion too as well. Caden knew something was amiss, that a piece of the puzzle was missing. There was peace throughout the realm for decades, why would anyone go through such lengths to start war between his and Gwen's houses is what he needed to figure out even if it causes him to lose Gwen's trust and love.

Chained is an intricate story to get through. There are many things to remember, like all of the different houses and who belonged to them. I was a bit perturbed by some of the repetitiveness throughout the story but as a I listened more, I begin to appreciate it because as I said, there is a lot to take in. This author also does not skim on the blood, gore and death. The brutality of those days are strong within the pages of Chained.

Gwen and Caden are at an impasse right now. He started off as her prisoner and now she is his. Will this new turn of events quench the new love that our couple knows that's there? We shall see. Hence, we get a second book and I'm kinda not happy but am because we do, lols.

So yes, Ms. Marion I've added Bound to my wishlist.

As for the narrator's voice, I liked it enough and he kept me entertained while listening. I could however, did without his interpretations of the female voices...he totally ruined my image of Gwen and the others. This audio probably would have benefited more with dual narrators.

Chained is a great historical read and I highly recommend it if you are a fan of diverse historical romances.


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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed this one!

    1. it was good :D I need to hurry up and pick up the 2nd book

  2. Yay for loving this one :) I've had a few issues with male narrators doing female voices lol

    1. lols. His voice was...ugh, it just wasn't working for me, lols.

      Good historical romance though :)

  3. Fun that the author brought some diversity to a medieval romance. I love that there is some sort of intrigue mystery and they suspect each other and have to get the answers. Good for her to want love and good on him for keeping a cool head. This does sound good and frustrating that you have to wait for the second part.

    1. I gotta say this was not what I expected but Im gladI finished it. Yeah waiting on boo 2 frustrates me 😔

  4. I haven't been doing much historical these days, particularly back in medieval times, so this sounds interesting. Very different how they end up switching roles. (lol) And I'm still trying to get into audio books, which have a hard time maintaining my attention. Loved your review! Hugs...

    1. Right?! On the role switching.that jacked my head up cause I totally wasnt expecting it..at all

  5. Ohhhhh, I have this one! Definitely motivating me to pick this one up!