#BookReview: Serving Pleasure by Alisha Rai

Friday, September 9, 2016

Source: ARC via NetGalley
Format: Mobi
Series: Pleasure #2
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Alisha Rai
Available: BN | Amazon | +Goodreads
Rating: 3 Brazen Babes

My Review

Good story and strong writing from this author.  

Serving Pleasure was again good, but IMO Rana & Micah were your typical romantic characters in your typical contemporary romance. Both damaged in some way and because of said damage, they fight this ever blooming romance between them to the end.

Rana is looking for love but wants marriage because she wants her mama's approval. Micah who is still recovering from a brutal attack feels he isn't capable of giving or receiving love.

Although there is a right amount of tension, drama and sexy times added along with the diversity of this cast...it's enough to keep the reader invested but still, this is a predictable story.

Maybe it's me becoming a bit jaded with contemporary romances, even with a diverse cast...seems like the premise of these stories are all kinda blurring together. Anywhoo's this isn’t to take away from Ms. Rai’s writing which is well done and again I was engaged, I just needed more....


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  1. *nods* I know what ya mean about just needing a bit more. I've read a few like that, they're good but not that omg this book is freaking amazing. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. I have that issue on occasion, too, and know it's time to change up the genre for a while until the old familiar stuff doesn't feel so stale and predictable. Glad it was still an engaging read for you, Sharonda!

    1. You know I was thinking that too Sophia? switching it up a bit which I need to start soon, lols.