#EarlyReview : Vice by Genevieve Jack

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Source: Net Galley
Format: ePub
Series: Knight World #1
Author: Genevieve Jack
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat: Yes, there is Sex
Available: Amazon | Goodreads

My Review

Vice by Genevieve Jack is the first in a new series featuring werewolves and other supernatural creatures. I believe it is a spin off of an early series which I had not read, but that is ok, I dont believe that you would have had to read any of her other novels to get this one. That being said, I have read one other book by Ms. Jack several years ago. (The Ghost and the Graveyard) I quite enjoyed this book which is why I requested this one when I saw it on NetGalley. I do enjoy me some werewolves, so why not???

So my thoughts on this one. About 30% of the way through the book, I have to admit I was a bit worried. Our heros of this novel had really only exchanged a handful of sentences at this point and maybe a page together. So I was concerned with so little interaction how I was going to buy into the love story. While I still think the pacing of the beginning of this book is off, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised on how Ms. Jack was able to pull out the love story. The couple end up spending about a month together, getting to know each other, so its not like BAM they’re in insta-love. There was a whole bunch of BAM insta-lust, but I am definitely ok with that.

Laina is pretty feisty and an alpha personality. Even though her brother is technically the alpha she puts up a pretty good fight and knows her mind. Kyle is surprisingly sweet, he has a rep of being a playboy but with these things rumors are not often true. He’s a bit of a romantic and has no problem with Liana’s alpha tendencies and in fact encourages them. The story was pretty interesting and it was a quick read. I enjoyed my time with this novel and wouldnt have any problems reading the next book in the series. Oh and a bonus with this book, I found out who Grateful from The Ghost and the Graveyard picked. Yay!

ARC Copy was provided through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

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  1. I would have been worried too at the 30% point. Yay for no insta-love, I'm good with insta-lust as well ;)

  2. I'm with Mel, I'm reading a book that's so slow on the first third I have to pin it for now lest I DNF it. It's great that the author managed to get it together.

  3. I agree, 30% in and still nothing definitely would have been a DNF for me. Good thing you were able to stick it through. Great review Mandy!

  4. That's interesting about the heroine having the alpha tendencies. I like it when an author changes up the dynamics like that. Glad it picked up after the wobbly start.