#AnimeReview: Vampire Knight-Guilty

Monday, October 10, 2016

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Animation, Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Manga: Matsuri Hino
TV Show: Viz Media - Now Streaming on Hulu (Dub & Sub)
Season 2, 13 Episodes

My Thoughts

Okay, I know I said I would talk about the other episodes as I watched them buuuttt I was so thirsty to see the ending, I watched the rest of S2 in one sitting.

Where to start???? So like I said, things were getting pretty heated and crazy at the academy. Everyone pretty much has the ominous feeling that some bad juju is about to go down and Kaname truly does know more than he is letting on. Alright, now I’m not a fan of spoilers but with some books, shows you just can’t talk about without giving something away and unfortunately I’ll have to do that with Vampire Knight. So if you don’t want to see what I’m saying, then move along, move along.

All that said, let’s get to it. So yeah, Kaname knows a lot...nah, the dude knows everything. Kaname pretty much helped build Cross Academy and in the process assembled his own little team of powerful vampires to protect Yuki.

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And yes, Kaname and Yuki are as closely connected as I thought. Matter fact, their siblings. Yuki was also conceived to become Kaname’s mate, yeah let that sink in. So yes, to answer my own question from my last post, Yuki sure enough is a vampire...a pure-blood one at that. Matter fact her ass is a princess born to the two most powerful vampires ever.  

That Uncle that comes back  is after Yuki, has always been after her because he’s a power stealing fanatic. He also has the backing of the Vampire Senate. So the Senate in their attempts for control over vampires and humans go against Kaname and Cross Academy (mistake on their part). 

This Uncle, Rido killed Yuki’s parents and I think also at some point devoured Kaname when he was a boy. So you see, Kaname was the first born son and taken by Rido. Somehow someway Kaname was able to shake Rido’s hold on him BUT Kaname can’t kill Rido either. He can hurt him pretty bad but he can’t kill him. This starts Kaname’s plan to build his team to protect Yuki and this includes Zero too. Lord, ya’ll it was a lot going on...it had me all with the serious WTF face.
We also find out what happened to Yuki and why she is now a human. Seems in order to protect her from Rido, her mother gave her life to make it so. This is why Yuki can’t remember her past because in the process of turning her into a human, her mother also wiped Yuki's memories. So for 10 years, Kaname has been waiting for Yuki to wake up from her human body. With her memories starting to take over, Yuki’s human form is taking a bit of a beating. We get to see alot of Yuki's and Kaname's past together while she's sleeping. Her parents and the whole crazy situation with Rido.

Kaname finally brings her vampire form back by giving her his blood. So ya’ll know Zero is pissed all the way off. Here he thought, he was going to prevent Yuki from becoming a vamp and she was already one, ha!

Now, with Yuki's vampire self awake and Rido on the loose acting like a nut; Kaname finally puts the last pieces of his game together. Cross Academy must also be protected along with it’s human students as Rido and the senate has rouge vamps running all loose. Headmaster Cross (who use to be a vampire hunter) comes out of retirement and he along with another hunters and the vampires that Kaname assembled do a grand job of protecting the school.

Once Yuki does wake up of course she wants to help. But ya’ll she still useless and can’t fight. And I get that she wanted to protect the school but heffa, YOU.JUST.WOKE.UP and you don’t know what your powers are...YOU.CAN’T.DO.NUTHING! She was still annoying, hell even the others were telling her “girl, go sit down” but she wouldn’t and Kaname knew she wouldn’t so he just let her go. So while Yuki and the others are fighting off rogue vamps and Rido. Kaname makes his way to Senate to take care of their crooked butts. Listen, that dude is not to be fudged with. He is powerful, this dude was just walking and evaporating folks as they ran towards him. Then when he settled his business there, this ninja collapsed the whole damb building. He also makes his way to Zero who done locked his tortured ass self in a basement room cause he can’t handle shit. Not to get into much but after a visit from his Twin and Kaname basically telling him to pull his head out his ass cause fool, I made you so you can protect my woman. Zero and Kaname search out Rido and finish him off.

So all is good right? Maybe. Zero wanted to kill Kaname too but like I said Kaname is strong as fuck so...yeah no. Plus, I feel like it's the same as it was between Kaname and Rido. Zero can't kill Kaname because basically he created him. I don't think he'll be able to kill Yuki either. Anyhoo's, Yuki runs up while they staring each other down and Kaname is like “we out at sunset, say goodbye to your little friend”. Yuki and Zero talk but Zero being the asshole he is pretty much tells Yuki they can't be in the same world because he's a hunter and she is a vampire. What he said her had me talking to me TV like “you sir! are a asshat” but it is what is I guess.

So no, Yuki does not end of up with Zero. She realizes that Kaname has sacrificed much while her ass was napping so she made up her mind to stay with him. The scene between her and Kaname when she tells him this is sweet but I’m glad he didn't force her to be with him, that he let her decide.

All and all, I love this anime...thought it was super good. I would like to see more seasons/episodes though. I want to know what happens between Kaname and Yuki, The Cross Academy and Zero. Also, the vampires that Kaname had help him protect Yuki had their own little side things going on so I would like to see more of them too. Yeah, there needs to be more episodes. It’s really the one and only thing I don’t like about anime's, you never get further stories especially if you feel like the story isn’t complete. Vampire Knight isn’t complete, at least not to me it isn't.

I covered a lot but I still left out things so if you like anime or animation shows, I highly suggest Vampire Knight.

*I tried to find a trailer but most of them were fan made and honestly I didn't like them. But I did find a video that includes the songs from both seasons which I adored but couldn't understand but that's okay, lols.


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  1. This sounds exciting and I don't blame you for cruising through all the episodes. There are a couple shows that I feel the same way in that even a few more episodes would have done the trick, but definitely another season.

    1. I love to binge watch shows when they're really good, lols.