#AudioBookReview: The Perfect Mistress by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Friday, October 14, 2016

Source: Purchased
Format: Audio (Audible)
Series: NA
Heat: Medium to Strong Sexual Situations
Genre: Contemporary Romance (AA)
Available: BN | Amazon | +Goodreads
Rating: 4 Brazen Babes

My Review

What an emotional read! Yes, Lauren learns how to be the perfect mistress and she learns this from her Father, who was literally a rolling stone...that man left his hat everywhere.

So much to say, goodness. First, Lauren's childhood truly was a catalyst to how she turned out as an adult. She did not want love or a relationship. Watching her parents constant failings was enough for her not to want one.

Lauren was also dragged into her parents mess as a child. Her father manipulated her and her mother checked out, gawd I couldn't imagine doing to my child what these two people did to Lauren. It was enough to frustrate the shit out of me while reading.

The author starts this book off in the past so that I believe when you get to Lauren's story, you had a better understanding of why this woman choses to be a mistress.

Lauren's mother Joyce gave up her education to marry...to be the perfect wife and mother. But her husband was not a monogamous man (this she knew but married his butt anyway). Oh, he loved his wife (so he claimed) BUT the man never stayed faithful and Joyce never left. She chose to stay with a man she knew cheated on her and after his death, this leads her to become a angry and bitter woman who adores her son (who is his father's son as well) and hates her daughter. Joyce feels that Lauren betrayed her but she checked out on Lauren at a time when her daughter most needed her. And instead of dealing with her husband's infidelities...she let her hate for him, her hate of her own weakness in her inability to tell her husband to kick rocks fester into a hatred for her own daughter.

Both Lauren's parents let their inability to deal with their marriage issues lead to their daughter's not so shining present. For now, Lauren is the other woman, and she seems fine with it (on the outside). The occasional wife confronting her which she handles like a pro...she is her father's daughter after all. But when an old lover returns, Lauren starts to question whether the mistress lifestyle is truly for her...is it truly what she wants for her future.

OMG, talk about drama for your mama! Good gravy! I will say this was an excellently done story. The author truly goes into the theme of infidelity in a way I haven't read in a long while. The background she tells you on how and why Lauren ends up being the Perfect Mistress is truly outstanding but sad as well. This book forces you to take a hard look at how we as women and men deal with this issue. It is the wife's fault? the husband's? the other woman's? the kids? So many things covered and covered well.

I give it 4 stars because I wasn't thrilled with the ending, it just felt incomplete to me. Other than that, this was a audio well worth listening too. Oh and the narrator? Perfect! She didn't attempt to deepen her voice to emulate the men, she read each character in her own voice. Absolutely perfect!


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  1. I'm intrigued by this since you're staying it starts in the past. I feel like most books don't do that, they just do flashbacks of memories. Glad you enjoyed!!

  2. I think I'd like to read this one b/c of the way it goes beyond the actions of these people to their motivations. Sounds like a powerful story. Thanks, Sharonda!

    1. it's a emotional story for sure. you would want to dislike Lauren but the stuff she went through growing her with her parents...whew!

  3. A lot of people don't like themes like this but I love it only because it gets me thinking and feeling. If it's tastefully done and written well, then all the better