#AnimeReview: Tokyo Ghoul

Friday, November 4, 2016

Anime, Animation, Horror, Drama
Manga: Sui Ishida
TV Series: Funimation
Season 1; 12 Episodes

Tokyo Ghoul revolves around MC Kaneki Ken who is lives in a world of humans and ghouls.

Tokyo is broken into Wards in this anime and when we come into the story, there is a outbreak of ghouls who are attacking humans. Ghouls are also policed by an agency called the CCG.

Anywhoo’s Kaneki, a first year college student lives in Ward 20 (which hasn’t had any incidents yet) is attacked by a young woman he likes. This woman of course is a ghoul and is also called a “voracious eater”. To save his life after the attack, his doctor transplants some of the organs of the now dead ghoul into his body. This process changes Kaneki’s life forever, it also start him into a half human/half ghoul.

As Kaneki struggles during his transition, he finds out that ghouls can’t eat human food and ol boy is about to lose his mind in the process. He also doesn’t want his best friend Hide to find out about his new transformation. Kaneki does however find new friends in the ghoul community and they help him navigate the ghoul world. He also learns that not all ghouls are flesh eating monsters that the CCG has made them out to be. As humans want to live their personal lives without fear so do ghouls. But a war is brewing between the CCG/ghouls and good ghouls/bad ghouls. Kaneki discovers that he is the center of it all.

Well, I must say this was a most interesting anime to watch. It’s probably one of the bloodiest and goriest ones I’ve watch as well, so if those two things aren’t your cup of tea, then I don’t know if this one if for you. However, Tokyo Ghoul has a fascinating story under all the gore fest. In S1 we pretty much get to know who will be some of our main characters throughout the story. But everyone has a reason that they are fighting for in Tokyo Ghoul. Whether you are human or ghoul, you’ve lost someone you care about. Humans fear ghouls and Ghouls fear human and because of this, a deep mistrust has development between the two.

Kaneki throughout this first season as I’ve said is struggling to adjust to his new world but lawd on high, he was a crier. I was irritated with him throughout many of the episodes (and it’s only 12….). The only time I felt bad about his crying was when he was being tortured and quiet honestly I would have been screaming like a nut too. Kaneki however, must choose by the end of S1 if he wants to keep his human soul or allow his ghoul half to take fully over.  And boy I tell ya’ll he is fighting it...until the end...after his torture. The kid pretty much becomes strong and a ghoul to be reckoned with but loses his best friend and new family in the process. I’m not sure why Kaneki decided to go to the side of the bad ghouls but I don’t think he lost his human soul completely. I think he now realizes that he can’t be weak in a world where pretty much everybody is trying to kill you. Also, to curb their hunger somewhat...ghouls drink coffee and Kaneki still drinks coffee but he is struggling big time.

I’m moving onto S2 now, well actually...I watched the first two episodes. We have new characters that come into play and there is a big bad boss Ghoul who the baddies are following. I’m trying to figure out who the heck he is...which is hard and my teenager won’t tell me. Says he doesn’t remember but I just think he just doesn’t want me to know. This is one anime he watched before me so he likes having the one up, lols. Anyolhoo’s, it’s going to get pretty dang on exciting and probably more gory and morbid but I’m dying to see what all of this fighting is going to lead up too.

Oh and besides the gore, there is immense action in Tokyo Ghoul. As I’ve said there is fighting and some Ghouls have come into their powers very well. They’re also able to form a weapon with their blood….or I think that’s what it is. But their weapons are called a “Kagune” and it's shaped different once produced to each Ghoul. Oh! And Oh, some Ghouls also where masks, it keeps their identities from being discovered. There are some very cool and badass masks in this anime, gotta say I love Kaneki's the most.

Kanike in his Mask (his hair is black at the start of S1, it turns white after he goes full Ghoul)
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Tokyo Ghoul is teenage appropriate, I would say 15 & up. My teenager is 15 and I didn't have a problem with him watching it. But with some of the scenes being quite gruesome, I would be careful of anyone under 15 watching this one.

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  1. I think I could read the graphic novel, but not sure I could watch it. But wow, it does sound exciting and I'm guessing the ghouls are like high-functioning zombies? I've recently figured out that I can read some lighter zombie stuff.
    Your son not giving up the spoilers cracks me up. :)

    1. Yes Sophia, they're just like that because they still keep their human forms unfortunately they still need to eat human flesh to survive. I like this one because they are able to hide their ghoul side until they feed, fight or they just want too. I'm think of picking of the manga's as well.

      that kid won't tell me anything and usually I have to stop him from spilling the beans, lols.

  2. I have such a love/hate relationship with this one, but I'm not saying anything until you finish Season 2!

  3. I finished S2 last night and I can definitely understand your love/hate because that ending....I mean what does that even mean?

    I have so many questions...

  4. Happy weekend!

    I've only watched Naruto and haven't finished the first arc yet. But anime/manga is so rich in everything, I can see why you love it!