Brazen Random Thoughts: Happy 2017!

Happy 2017 Beautifully Brazen Folk! 2016 was rough and draining for me, yeah...there were some pockets of goodness but I will say Im glad to see that heffa gone. Here's to a New wish for myself and all of you is to have a prosperous, healthy and peaceful year (and we are gonna need all the prayers we can get with these upcoming four years...).

Anyhoo's I was going to do a favorites list but I just dont want to. Everytime I conjured up the energy, I felt the world spinning (kidding...lols). But in all seriousness, I did have some favorites...some. I feel like we got a whole lotta duds in 2016...a whole lot of the same ol same in the romance genre.

Me personally, I'll be reading outside of romance in 2017. I'll still have my go toos like Christina C Jones, Love Belvin and a new to me author I found thru some fab friends, D.A. Young. 

Its a shame too because my library is about 80% romance. But I feel like we as readers have been getting some not so great books. Poorly written stories, delays in releases (even after a date was solidly set), internet drama, just a whole mess of a mess and we're still expected to be loyal to the genre with our time and is that fair?

Anyhoo's, I'll probably read some older romances I have but expect to see other genres reviewed besides romance from me at least. My co-bloggers may feel different.

You'll also see more Anime and some movie/TV show reviews.

As for my challenges, Im dropping from many but will stick with a few:

Brazen Babe Reviews Diversify Your Shelves Reading Challenge (I swear I change the name every year, lols). I really didn't want to use the word Diverse in our challenge this year. A lot of folk took that word and ran with it in 2016, rather it was good or bad...seems folk had their own agenda when it came to diversity and books. And Im over all of the drama but hell what else could I use??...

Writing Reviews @ The Delighted Reader
Audiobook Challenge @ Hot Listens
Goodreads 2017 Challenge 

Also I'm going to do more podcast reviews (Soundcloud) and I may...just maybe start doing more video reviews (Youtube). And expect to see the return of some memes...of course Tuesday Jams, also Waiting on Wednesday  and whatever else we join during the year.

That's it for now. I'll have my first review of the year up tomorrow, no more rated reviews for least not here on the blog but of course, you'll see them on my Goodreads page.

There will more spotlights as well (and not just with books) Oh and hopefully, we can finally get the blog updated... ;)


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