The Farmer & The Belle (Baymoor #1) by D.A. Young #ContemporaryRomance

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Farmer & The Belle
(Baymoor #1)
Published: May 16, 2016
Source: Self Purchased
Format: eBook (Mobi)
Series: Yes
Genres: Contemporary, African American, Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Situations
Author: D.A. Young
Available: Amazon | +Goodreads (Blurb/Shelf it)

My Review

Overall, I thought this was a good read. The story flowed well and I liked the characters.

Georgina and Max got along good and they clashed just as good. Most the time, I'm not a fan of the "give the man a hard ass time just because" club but idk, I kinda liked it on Georgina because she knew damn well she wanted Max, lols. But Max was man enough to call her on her bullmess. He was a arrogant and cocky without being the assholish type that seems to have become a popular meme to many of men characters in's just not likable anymore (at least for me). So here, basically Georgina wants to just visit her family in peace while her Uncle is recovering for the short time she's in this little ol town and then get back to her jet setting life but Max ain't having it. He wants her and this use to be corporate lawyer now turned farmer is not letting little Ms Belle go without the a fight.

I didn't jive with Georgina's hate of Baymoore, I mean I get it but to just cut off erebody just because of some folk? nah dog. But hey, to each its own and Georgina and her siblings didn't have the best of childhood before they came to live with their Aunt and Uncle (their mother was a messy ass messy chick to say the least). So I again, I get it but...yeah. Anyhoo's, I enjoyed the story and this little town of Baymoor.

I'm looking forward to reading more about the Carlton siblings.

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  1. I get a little irritated with characters who get cranky for little reason. :) But I'm glad that the story still worked.

    1. yep, it still worked. Max and Georgina made it a easy read ;)

  2. I know what ya mean when the lady just gives the guy a hard time. Sounds like the author wrote it well this time though :D hehe

  3. Lawyer turned farmer. That's interesting. Is he one of those fancy, green, food engineers? lol