Anime: Claymore

Friday, March 10, 2017

Season 1
26 Episodes
Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Claymore, the anime TV series is based on the Manga of the same name. I finally finished this series late 2016...mind ya'll I started it way back when. I'm not sure why I stopped watching it but I'm upset with myself that I didnt finish's a great anime IMO. The story revolves around Claire a young Claymore who hunts demons named Yomas. Claymore's are female warriors who are injected with Yoma blood to fight and kill them. Women are chosen because their bodies are the only one's that are compatible with the Yoma. Men were chosen at first (of course) but (of course as men tend to do) they turned into the very things they were assigned to kill.

Let me explain this a bit.

It seems when too much of the Yoma blood is used in a warriors body, they can were just turned quicker than women. Also there are very powerful Yoma and there are Yoma who are like their foot soldiers. While killing the foot soldiers, the goal of the organization that Claire and the other Claymores work for is to kill the head Yomas in charge. But that proves to be futile at times because like I said, they are powerful...extremely powerful.

The Yoma are feared and detested in this world...any person, man, woman or child who is attacked by one becomes an outcast and a majority of time kicked out of their home village. When Claire is on her latest assignment she comes across  a boy name Raki (pronounced Rocky) who lost his entire family to the Yoma. Because the village will no longer allow him to live there, Raki sets out with Claire on her other assignments as her cook.

Claire however, has a mission outside of killing Yoma. She is on the hunt for a deadly Yoma who use to be a Claymore that turned. This Yoma killed the Claymore that saved Claire as a child. The twenty-six episodes follow Claire and Raki as they face off against Yomas and at times other Claymores. Claire's main focus however, is to kill the Yoma that took the only family she has ever known away from her.

The story is very good and I loved the idea of women being all kick ass. Claymore is a complex story and you have to watch each episode as not to miss anything. There is a lot of elements packed into this anime. A slimy organization, friendships gained, lost and tested. And mainly a sisterhood formed even though the organization the Claymores work for attempt at every turn to pit them against one another. I also enjoyed the close relationship that Claire and Raki formed during their travels.

If you're looking for a Anime that is action packed and women are pretty much in charge, then Claymore is the way to go.

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  1. Ohhh I like the sound of this! Gonna have to check it out :D