Movie: Kong Skull Island

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kong: Skull Island
Action, Adventure, Monsters
PG 13
1 hr 58 mins

I love monster movies, good ones anyway. Like back in the day old school monster movies, the ones I use to watch when I was kid.

Kong reminded me of those kind of movies. There was action, a little bit of romance (between humans) but mainly, there was kick ass monster fighting. 

Kong is the last of his kind on Skull Island, he is also the islands protector. Skull Island is a island made for monsters, but there are also humans there as well. Both the monsters and the humans need protection from a sinister creature that lives underground, these creatures killed Kong's parents as well. They are very deadly and Kong has pretty much taken care of them...for the most part. 

But of course when outside humans come in being all nosy and destroying shit, they disrupt the current peace that Skull Island has gotten use too. Without giving too much away, Kong now has to put these creatures back in their place, he also has to destroy the Momma one who just so happens to wake up when the outsiders come along. Kong also acquires a enemy in the character played by Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson's character isn't to happy with Kong after he pretty much takes out a majority of his crew. But hey when you go looking for a fight, make sure you can go up against your competition and that was mistake number one when Jackson and his crew went up against Kong. 

Kong is a great combination of a old throwback monster flick and current movie magic. The 70's backdrop, post the Vietnam war helped moved the story along. I don't think a current issue would have help but given the fact that we know have a orange terror as POTUS, who knows....

They did a really good job with Kong so I hope they don't fudge up the remake of Kong Vs Godzilla. 

Well worth the movie dollars spent.

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  1. I was curious about this one. I love the old King Kong movies and wasn't really into a couple of the recent ones, but this one reminded me of Jurassic Park and I got excited about it.

  2. That is a great comparison Sophia! Definitely a Jurassic Park feelnto it.

  3. I used to watch all what are now old school movies as a kid, but now, not so much. You give a really good review and bring back plenty of childhood memories. Hugs...

  4. I've been reading some good reviews about this one and it has me reconsidering my choice not to watch it.