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Let's blow the dust off this sucker. 
Welp, I just wanted to give you guys a update on what I've been reading. There will be more posts coming cuz I've just been very actively lazy, lols but that will stop soon. 

The Engagement Game by Joi-Marie McKenzie. 

I started the Engagement Game because I saw a interview the author did with a popular blog I follow and like the premise of the book so I picked it up. I did put the book down but not because I wasn't enjoying it but I have books from NetGalley that I need to get to reading so I'll come back to this one. It's very funny though. Her getting to get her boyfriend to propose is hilarious and although Ms. McKenzie is 28, I can definitely relate to wanting more from someone when everyone else around you is getting married and popping out babies.... 

Difficult Women by Roxane Gay

I've been hearing some really good things about Ms. Gay's writing and wanted to give her work a try. I haven't started yet (don't ask why I'm carrying this books in my damn pocketbook, lols) but I'll start it today. In short, there are several different story in this one about of course several different women. Looking forward to giving it a go. 

And those books from NetGalley I have to read....

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan
Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett
Her Secret Life by Tiffany L. Warren
Dissent by P.J. Jean

I'll have the review for Difficult Women up on Monday. Until then, Happy Reading and Happy Weekend! 

Grown ass woman, Mother, reader, drinker of the red wines, not so serious makeup enthusiast and finally...a habitual procrastinator. I read just about everything but I really do love my romances. HEA’s are optional because hell sometimes, Prince Charming really is just a frog. Don’t asked if I finished *that book* yet...because I didn’t.
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Binti by Nnedi Okorafor (#ScienceFiction)

Source: Purchased
Format: Paperback, 90 pgs. 
Genre: Science Fiction
Available: Barnes & Noble | Amazon | +Goodreads

Sharonda's Thoughts

Great read. I really enjoyed this novella. Short but filled with enough exciting moments to keep you interested in the story. 

Binti, the first of her people to leave Earth and study at a scientific university on a another planet, Oomza University. However, on her way to to school...her ship is attacked by an alien race called the Meduse that is at war with humans called the Khoush. Everyone on the ship is killed with the exception of the ships Pilot and Binti. 

Binti is only able to stay alive because of a small item she kept with her when she left home, her edan which hurts the Meduse when they come in contact with it. She uses this and also her smarts to stay alive until they reach Oomza University. Binti's people even though they are considered a more primitive race of Humans, they are intelligent especially when it comes to Math and Science. 

The world building is excellent and the storytelling is amazing. You can visualize the world that Ms. Okorafor has created. Binti is also a strong protagonist. She literally stays alive by bargaining her life in exchange to find a more peaceful way that the Meduse can obtain what they are going to Oomza for without further bloodshed. She also able to become friends with the enemy because of this as well. 

Ms. Okorafor touches upon many things in Binti but race, class and war are strong themes that take precedent in this tale. 

Because this is a novella I don't want to give too much away but if you enjoy a diverse science fiction world, then Binti is a great way to go or start. 

**There is a second book (Home) that continues Binti's story and I hope to read it soon. 

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Grown ass woman, Mother, reader, drinker of the red wines, not so serious makeup enthusiast and finally...a habitual procrastinator. I read just about everything but I really do love my romances. HEA’s are optional because hell sometimes, Prince Charming really is just a frog. Don’t asked if I finished *that book* yet...because I didn’t.
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BnB Spotlight: Freddie Entangled by Kiru Taye

Title: Freddie Entangled
Series: The Essiens #6, Freddie Duology Part 1
Author: Kiru Taye
Genre: Adult, Romantic Suspense
Published: March 31, 2017

Violence marked Freddie Edun's early years. Coming to work for the Essiens saved him from the angry young man he was and gave him focus. Now he's walking the path of success, and partnership in Banks Security business is within reach. He just has to seal this deal with a potential customer first. Until he meets the client's wife, and the deal risks taking a nose dive.

Kike Ogun married young to a man who dazzled her with his bogus charm. She’s lived like a caged bird for many years, but with a looming milestone birthday on the horizon, she is determined to walk a new path of self-love. If she could just ignore the electrifying and forbidden attraction she feels towards a younger man from the first moment they meet.

With a devious husband who refuses to let go, she’s going to need help—Freddie’s protection—to stay alive long enough to celebrate her upcoming birthday. And she’s going to have to give in to her dark passion for him and finally unleash the natural woman inside. If it's only sex, then what's love got to do it?

This story unravels in two instalments—this is the first part.

The second part, Freddie Untangled, is coming soon! GOODREADS

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Freddie Entangled Excerpt © Kiru Taye 2017

“Did you know that your gateman believes that God guards your house?” Freddie’s words cut into her thoughts, drawing her attention back to him. “And therefore, he doesn’t have to do anything more than just opening and closing the gates?”

Kike sighed. She remained aware of the lackadaisical attitude towards security around here. As if by being a pastor, her husband and anyone associated with him became bulletproof.

“I know. It’s part of the reason I don’t feel safe,” she replied in a monotone voice. “Sometimes, I feel as if I’m going to be murdered in my sleep and everybody is going to dismiss it as the will of God.”

Freddie stopped the car just after he went past the main gates leading out of the estate. He turned in his seat and stared at her, eyebrows drawn together. “Do you feel that unsafe? Did someone threaten you?”

Damn. Why had she blurted that out? She shouldn’t have spoken those words out loud. She’d never said anything like that to anyone before. And she certainly shouldn’t have said it to Freddie.

She avoided eye contact, and her gaze bounced around the car interior before settling on a spot beyond the windscreen at the high fence surrounding the building across the road. She clenched her hands into fists and closed her eyes, counting between inhales and exhales.

“Mrs. Ogun, is there something I should know?”

“Look, Freddie—“” Saying his name felt very intimate like she knew him on a personal level, which she didn’t. He was just a man looking to provide a service to her and her family. She needed to remember that. She avoided his searching gaze. He seemed able to discover things she hid. Not to mention the ease with which she had confided in him. “Forget I said that. It was nothing.”

“It’s not nothing.”

Cool palm covered the bare skin on her wrist. Her pulse jumped, her skin electrified, and her breath hitched. She turned her head so quickly that she felt woozy, the disorientation made worse when she met his gaze.

His eyes were full of questions, concern, and compassion. He looked at her as if he’d understood her fears even before she’d spoken them.

What was going on with her? He didn’t know her. Couldn’t know her. And he was never going to get the chance to know her.

“Just drive.” She ordered, forced herself to look away again, and tried to tug her arm free. He didn’t let her go. She swallowed as her skin flushed.


Her heart skipped a beat. Her name on his lips was beautiful, like a plea whispered by an old lover rather than a man she hardly knew. The low timbre vibrated through her, making her core throb. Her skin tingled where he held her. She was certain he could feel her racing pulse underneath his thumb.

Did he know that his restraint excited her?

She closed her eyes and held her breath. An image of him caging her with his body popped into her mind.

Her eyes flew open, and she raised her palms to cover her face.  So she’d become starved of a lover’s affection in the past few years. But did she desperately miss the touch of a man enough to forget herself? That she would ache for the first man who inadvertently pushed her needy buttons?

“You shouldn’t call me that.” Her breathy reprimand came out weak, more to remind herself that she was just a client to him than to prompt him of his status.

“You can tell me anything,” he said, his enticing voice filled with empathy. “You can trust me. What I said in your house is true. I will protect you from any threat.”

“Okay.” Her voice croaked, and she swallowed.

“So will you tell me what’s going on?” he probed.

Her first impulse was to tell him the truth. To bare her soul to him. His soothing tone felt almost magical and inspired trust.

Breaking the habit of a lifetime proved difficult. She’d hidden things about herself from other people for years. When people found out things about her, all she ever got back were judgements and criticisms. The only person who ever really understood her was Lekan. See how that had turned out.

“Nothing is going on.” She still didn’t meet his gaze. At least this way, he wouldn’t know she was telling a lie.

He didn’t say anything for several racing heartbeats.

“Okay. When you decide to talk, I’ll be here to listen. Any time of day.” He pressed the ignition knob, indicated, and pulled out of the junction, heading to Yomi’s school.


Kiru is the award winning author of His Treasure. She writes sensual and passionate multicultural romance stories set mostly in Africa. When she's not writing you can find her either immersed in a good book or catching up with friends and family. She currently lives in the South of England with her husband and three children.


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