Binti by Nnedi Okorafor (#ScienceFiction)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Format: Paperback, 90 pgs. 
Genre: Science Fiction
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Sharonda's Thoughts

Great read. I really enjoyed this novella. Short but filled with enough exciting moments to keep you interested in the story. 

Binti, the first of her people to leave Earth and study at a scientific university on a another planet, Oomza University. However, on her way to to school...her ship is attacked by an alien race called the Meduse that is at war with humans called the Khoush. Everyone on the ship is killed with the exception of the ships Pilot and Binti. 

Binti is only able to stay alive because of a small item she kept with her when she left home, her edan which hurts the Meduse when they come in contact with it. She uses this and also her smarts to stay alive until they reach Oomza University. Binti's people even though they are considered a more primitive race of Humans, they are intelligent especially when it comes to Math and Science. 

The world building is excellent and the storytelling is amazing. You can visualize the world that Ms. Okorafor has created. Binti is also a strong protagonist. She literally stays alive by bargaining her life in exchange to find a more peaceful way that the Meduse can obtain what they are going to Oomza for without further bloodshed. She also able to become friends with the enemy because of this as well. 

Ms. Okorafor touches upon many things in Binti but race, class and war are strong themes that take precedent in this tale. 

Because this is a novella I don't want to give too much away but if you enjoy a diverse science fiction world, then Binti is a great way to go or start. 

**There is a second book (Home) that continues Binti's story and I hope to read it soon. 

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  1. Neat that a novella length was so well developed to give you a unique sci-fi world and all those theme elements with an exciting story. Thanks for sharing about this one, Sharonda!