BnB Spotlight: blaque Beauty Collection by Erin Lee Daniels

Monday, July 3, 2017

Author: Erin Lee Daniels | Series: blaque Beauty Novella Collection | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Publisher: Charenken House Publishing

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Marlee Winters is on top of the world. With a devastating relationship well behind her and her interior design career in high gear, Marlee is thrilled when her firm lands a contract with billionaire developer Marc Ross. But when she discovers that her passionate, mysterious new lover is none other than the boss, himself, will Marlee lose everything, including her heart?

Billionaire real estate magnate Marc Ross is used to getting what he wants and he wants Marlee Winters. Caring, quirky and confident, she is nothing like the spoiled heiresses and supermodels he is used to dating. But convinced he has at least 4.6 billion reasons to hide his true identity, Marc rolls the dice and hopes for the best. But a vindictive ex -wife and an epic snowstorm are in the cards, threatening to destroy a future Marc didn't even know he wanted until Marlee walked into his life.

Will deception be the deal-breaker or is happily ever after written in the fine print? 

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Book Goodness
What do you do when you have to break someone's heart in order to guard your own? Josh's heart is doing whiskey shots and saying, yeah buddy, good luck with that
One look. That's all it takes for successful Chicago editor Carly Edwards to realize that Josh Kendall can still lasso her heart and wrap it around his little finger. Now she's back on his Montana ranch for a weekend celebration and it's clear that her sexy cowboy still sees her as the vulnerable, shy bookworm he used to ride horses with as kids. 

And Carly is completely okay with that. Sort of. Okay, not at all but what's a girl to do?

Josh thought he was ready to see Carly again after so many years but nothing prepared him for the grown up beauty standing on his front porch. No worries. He's got this. After all, he knows the best way to avoid loss is to refuse to have anything worth losing, especially Carly. So Josh decides to play it safe and shut her out. When it comes to Carly, however, his mind and his heart just can't agree. They never could.

Available: Amazon
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Erin Lee Daniels is an editor and romance author. After receiving a degree in Political Science and International Relations Erin Lee worked in the private sector before pursuing her lifelong dream of authorship. She lives in NYC and enjoys travel, cooking, collecting fine china, keeping a handle on her American Girl addiction and spending time with family and good friends.
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